Luka Donsik will laugh at your pain

Let’s not stop at the disappointing failure written by Phoenix Sun on Sunday night. A 64-winning team, which just a few days ago took a 2-0 series lead against the Dallas Mavericks, was humiliated and outscored by nearly two billion points in Game 7 on their home floor. All I have to say about it is that the Suns have played the worst basketball game in the worst times.

Terrible performances, even historically bad ones happen. What makes one truly memorable is the other side of who or what was. You could at least score 27 points in the first half of Game 7 if the other team is just as overwhelmed at the moment and plays just as hard. When you have two teams basically failing to perform basic basketball functions, the embarrassment of the situation can at least be shared and spread. You end up with a Rock War, A Defensive struggle, A The war of decay But put a player like Luka Donic on the floor and an opponent pisses on his feet, and you end up with something else: a bully is spending his life.

Donsick scored 35 points in 30 minutes in Game 7, but his total points didn’t even begin to tell the story of what he did with the Sun. He leveled Sons’ scoring output at 27-27 in the first half, and he was able to play with such a special kind of cruelty that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a big game from an NBA player. Before the stage. Everyone has seen a star player as a spectator during a great performance in a play-off game, and all these reprimands and blows are usually interpreted as proof that the man is fair. So locked right now. Donsick certainly brought a lot of theatrics to his Game 7 Stanner, but it seemed like he was after doing something a bit different than most players when they hit him on the chest and screamed in the crowd. Donsick seemed less concerned with building himself up than tearing up the sun.

She was just smiling at them. All night. Go ahead and place Donsik’s stinging cockle in the hall of memorable basketball faces, right next to Jordan’s Jeev-wag, Kobe’s Schoul and LeBron’s Terminator Glare. Although it surpasses all of them in terms of real impact on the game. Donsick was not smiling because he was joking, but because he wanted to hit Sun. He wanted them to run and hide and it worked. For 30 minutes he’s Scott Farcus running into a snowy alley of terrified children. He just kept laughing and they just kept yawning, and the game was over before the third quarter started.

That cruel clause was present in the description of how Donsik also attacked the defense of the sun. He never misses a chance to break up and play with any defender in front of him, or hit someone in the face one step back. At one point, he decided he was going to post Dandre Aiton in the middle of the lane and of course he hit a shot to the seven-foot head.

There will be a lot of discussion in the coming days about how Luka Donsik officially came to this league as a superstar player and it will all be right. Star’s was originally defined by their signature moment, and Doncic just got himself a big one. I am glad to see this happen for Donsick, but I am equally pleased to see him go through this evolutionary process in his own special way. The league has enough stars and Wanabe stars who are content to increase their stature by copying what other boys see on TV. [stares at Donovan Mitchell for 37 uninterrupted seconds]. Although Donsik is doing his own thing. He’s getting worse, worse, and getting more and more annoying every day. I don’t know if the league was necessarily screaming for a supervillain, but one has arrived. Luka Donsick is here to hit people and he is succeeding.

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