Main event, start time, weight-in, round-by-round results; The punters came running behind

Tim Tszyu says he expects a quiet and collected performance from his younger brother Nikita, as Tszyu’s name will shine again in Newcastle.

“It’s interesting, you know? I can see the level up and the way he’s getting comfortable there, and the way he’s getting to the sport,” Tim told Wide World of Sports.

Nikita fought her professional debut against Aaron Stahl in March with a second-round TKO.

Paul Galen and Chris Terzewski will face unbeaten Mason Smith tonight in the co-head event before the Australian and Australian title fights.

“I hope he stays nice and comfortable, nice and calm, first boxing and then finding the shot and letting the guy cool down,” Tim said of his brother – who took a Jane-like approach to fight, but yesterday He promised to unleash ‘chaos’ when the time comes.

“He’s like that. He’s an extra thoughtful, but he’s learned to stop it and he has a ball there, he’s enjoying himself,” Tim said.

The team will be on the ringside in Newcastle before going to watch the title consolidation fight between Jermaine Charlo and Brian Castano, with the next name winner on the Australian radar for all titles.

But there will be no Cornerman job for the two brothers’ elders, as he has recovered from recent corrective surgery on his arm. Even fans on the street have to be steady for an elbow push instead of a handshake when saying hello.

“I can’t do too much, not even be a water boy,” he says with a laugh.

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