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If Joe Goodall uses “dirty” tactics in an attempt to win the heavyweight blockbuster fight between the pair, then Justice Honey is ready to fight the fire with fire.

The two Australian giants will go one-to-one inside the Brisbane’s Nissan Arena on Wednesday night, with shots entering the world’s top 15 on the line.

However, Honey is not distracted by the thought of any unconventional move that she may face from her ex-partner.

He told reporters before the fight, “We know he will come out and push because I think he knows I am the best boxer between the two of us.”

“So I think he’ll turn it into a fight and try some dirty tricks, but we’ll be ready for that.

“If he wants to try and do, I’m ready, I’m willing to go to war. I’ve worked hard for this fight, so I’m ready for anything.”

Much has been made of Honey’s lack of perceived ability, especially as Australian boxing icon Jeff Fench has questioned the 23-year-old’s ability to sit on his fists and move away from his amateur fighting style.

Goodall did not downplay his words about Honey’s ability, doubting whether he could be dropped from a fist. It’s getting a little accustomed to hearing that.

“It doesn’t bother me. I want to get in there and prove everyone wrong,” he said.

“You don’t have to have the strength to be the best. My boxing ability will take me where I need to go.

“No matter what anyone says about this power, the power is, it takes a shot at this section.

“Just think, when I make a landing, what will they all say? It doesn’t bother me.

“I believe I got a better set of skills, got better boxing ability and I got better boxing IQ, that’s what I can’t wait to show everyone.”

Despite Huni’s confidence, Lonergan reiterated the need for a referee on any secret tactics of the Goodall camp.

“I hope Joe Goodall will be absolutely dirty and do something we’ve never seen before because that’s what Kevin Barry taught him,” he said.

“I will talk to the referee and say, ‘If this splatter continues, you have to deduct points.’ At the end of the day, I can’t influence what the referee does or does not do. I think that’s what’s going to happen.

“I don’t want to see that carry-on that I know Kevin Barry is capable of teaching this kid. You’re talking about a dirty fight. We’re here for it tonight because Kevin Barry has already told the media that this is the only way they can win.”

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