Main event, start time, weight-in, round-by-round results; What a spark

Dust-up on yesterday’s weight-in-the-stage at Margaret Court Arena was sparked by claims that official scales were removed before Cambosos’ failed first attempt at weight.

Jim Cambosos was “tense” and “frustrated” behind the scenes and had “animated” conversations with Devin Haney’s lawyer and other key players in the fight after his son failed to weigh.

Combosos came in at 0.36 pounds above the 135-pound weight limit for the lightweight division, a source told Fox Sports that Champ’s father was upset when he learned that the scales had been removed earlier.

“After the rest of the undercard was weighed, the scales were removed from their position on the stage, they were moved to the entrance somewhere on the floor outside the stage where the fighters would walk to the stage. They were lowered there.”

“The scales were again calibrated on stage for the event and after they were removed, they would need to be rearranged after returning to the stage. He (Jim) was quite upset by what happened.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

It is understood Cambosos SRO was upset when George jumped on the stage at Haney’s camp when he was on the scales, breaking an earlier agreement between the two camps that a large contingent would not be on stage when each fighter weighed in.

As Cambosos Jr. gained weight, the scales shifted slightly due to several movements from Hanny’s team on stage, which played into his father’s mind.

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