Manchester City have won the English Premier League title

Manchester City have been here before, losing at home and risking the title.

Will the leaders ever suffocate before in the Premier League?

On the day of the final, the chances of the first change of the lead are increasing.

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Just like when a comeback was made in 2012 to win his first Premier League title with two stop-time goals, City made another encouraging recovery.

This time it has scored three goals – all from the 76th minute to five minutes – in a 3-2 win over Villa and successfully defending the title by one point.

Even when City were losing, Liverpool were still in second place as it only drew 1-1 with the Wolves at Anfield.

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But the importance of Llkay Gündogan’s second goal in the 81st minute increased just moments later when Mohamed Salah sent Liverpool to the front against the Wolves and Andy Robertson secured a 3-1 victory for Liverpool.

“We came back from the dead today and won the game,” said captain Fernandinho after his final game for City. “It’s an amazing feeling.”

Relief, followed by pure joy.

Not surprisingly, thousands of City supporters were flooded with final whistleblowers, denying the new order against the pitch attack. Then the stadium was covered in blue smoke.

Once the field is clear, the Premier League trophy could be handed to City for the sixth time in 11 seasons. It was unlikely that Mattie Cash would take the lead in the 37th minute and former Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho extended the lead in the 69th minute.

It took Ilke Gundogan’s header to start the comeback in the 76th minute and Rodri equalized two minutes later from the edge of the penalty area, leaving the ball in the bottom corner with a solid gap. When Gundogan tapped on Kevin de Bruyne’s cross at 81, the comeback was complete.

“Sometimes it feels good to survive in a situation like this,” said Pep Guardiola, who has won his fourth Premier League title since taking charge of City in 2016. Next season. “

Liverpool – the only team to have struggled to win the City title since 2018 with the success of 2020 – had to settle for second place. Jর্গrgen Klopp’s FA Cup and League Cup winners, however, are still in for a possible treble with Saturday’s Champions League final against Real Madrid.

“I can imagine it was too bad for the people at home to see it on their tele,” said Klopp. “When Aston Villa are 2-0 up and you think, ‘Wow, that could really happen.’ I wasn’t really aware of it.”

Liverpool were held to a 1-1 draw when City were trailing and the final champions took the lead in the final 10 minutes of the season.

Great rivals can only be separated by a point in the final position.

“The season was very close, so tight,” Klopp said. “What I have learned in life is that if you continue, you will be rewarded. Not today, but we will get it. Continuity depends on us.”

Champions League return

Tottenham will return to the Champions League after a two-season absence.

Son Hyung-min ended the season with a two-wicket haul, scoring 23 goals with Salah as the joint-top league scorer. Dejan Kulusevsky also had a double, who has helped engineer the rise of the North London club since joining Juventus on an 18-month loan in January. Harry Kane, who was denied a move to Manchester City earlier this season, scored his 17th and final goal in the league campaign.

Tottenham have been trying to retain coach Antonio Conte, the architect of the resurgence since his appointment in November.

Europa League spot

Arsenal will not return to the top tier of European football for five seasons after falling to fifth place after beating Everton 5-1 on the final day.

Despite losing 1-0 to Crystal Palace, Manchester United will join Arsenal in the Europa League under new manager Eric Ten Hague. West Ham lost 3-1 to Brighton and lost the chance to move United to sixth place, so this season’s Europa League semi-finalists will be relegated to the Europa Conference League.


Burnley were knocked out of the Premier League after six seasons after a 2-1 defeat to Newcastle. Leeds have limited their recovery under American coach Jesse Marsh to a 2-1 defeat to Brentford to avoid exile.

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