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NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo has confirmed that Manley’s rate to Paramatman is being reviewed after criticism from referees following coach Des Hasler’s match.

After his team’s last breath after star Il Mitch Moses slotted through a game-winning conversion from the sidelines, Hasler called out several incidents in the match that he claimed his team had lost.

Referee Ben Cummins’ “suspicious call” declared the match completely distorted and his frustration with the decision to punish Christian Tuipulotu for a high tackle late in the game subsided.

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The Manly players shared their coach’s frustration on Tuesday, with forward Josh Alloy adding: “We worked hard, for the most part, the referee did us no good, especially at the back of the game. I think he did a bad job and we won. I couldn’t escape. So I’m very unhappy with him, to tell you the truth. “

Abdo addressed Manley’s frustration and revealed that Hasler’s comments were being reviewed by the league, which could fine the coach if the league decides to take action.

“His comments are being reviewed, so I will not talk specifically about his comments, but I will speak in general,” Abdo said.

“Everyone needs to take a deep breath and show respect for the hard work.

“I think we all need to move on to being more respectful and more professional in general.

“Respect for match officials and referees is important, not just at the NRL level … We all have work to do to recognize, honor and recognize the hard work that match officials do. They do a good job.

Des Hasler hit out on penalty counts after Manley lost

“They make mistakes from time to time, that’s normal. It’s a professional game, there are lots of 50/50 calls that can go either way.

“Our fans are passionate, there will always be controversy in any game, but the idea that the referees are deliberately making mistakes or not checking too much after the match on an independent basis is not true.”

Hasler is not unfamiliar with dealing with fines for post-match comments.

In 2015, while coaching the Bulldogs, he was fined $ 20,000 for sharply criticizing referees for handling the 10-meter rule in a win against Newcastle.

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