Marathon to the Mall and other public / private partnerships, with Adam Conver

The state is all around us, and very difficult to see. Where it is visible, it is mostly punitive — blasting or check-out or ragging cops, elected officials weeping or working with seductive sadism, over-combined and under-resourced officers in different powers, they all explain in different tones why something is impossible. . It is almost unimaginably wide and busy, but by design it is largely invisible. The federal government is not only effective but also essential to the basic functioning of everyday life in the United States, and yet the rest of the public opinion about the government, its specific and, in general, negative. Some of this is cultural conditioning বিশ্বাস a tough cowboy belief that everyone can, and should, as soon as possible. Test its own meat for ptomaine contamination Rather leave it to some pencil-naked feeding এবং and some of it is just a matter of factual assessment. The police really soak up a ton of public money and are really horrible in the most important aspects of their work; For generations, a reactionary movement led by wealthy individuals has confirmed that many vital public institutions are either actively fighting against their supposed goals or building huge buildings to hide empty and mildly smelly spaces where work is supposed to take place. None of this qualifies as “what you want” if we are honest.

The question of what the federal government actually does every day, and how and how well it actually does, is a topic that is taken up in stages when people try to figure out why everything is so “fuck up” and “bolshit” during Netflix’s “The G Word ”- Comedy actor (and Defector contributor, and host of the factually! Podcast) Adam Conver Accept that challenge; In our podcast, this week, we asked him about it সম্পর্কে about the show, about what the government does, and how it all boils down to the previous thing.

Because Conver was a smart, funny guy who knew a lot, had a lot of enlightened and fun things to say. Because he had to say them in our podcast, he had to navigate around all the obstacles that Drew and I and our own and our mutual stupidity put in the way of enlightened and fun conversation. The conversation covered the experiences of working with and for Obama on the McCourt-Warpad Los Angeles Marathon and in creating “The G Word”, but thanks to my strong / persevering hand, we continue to return to the central question of his program: What about our government? , And what it does for us, and how and why the same interests always want to make private money from government things, plans to do it here. Longtime listeners will probably not be surprised to know that I have some opinions on the subject and also that I was able to somehow bring the previous owners of the New York Mets somehow, albeit briefly. (Likewise, people familiar with Connor’s work will not be surprised to learn that he did a better job of identifying and explaining how these things are more complex and more annoying than suggesting my natural perfection.)

It sounds serious, and it’s serious, but considering the weight of the whole thing it all seemed light, to the point that when the episode started, as always, there were questions about remembering some boys and bathing as an adult part. In practice, the energy level was almost the same. We joined for the guy-remembering / bathtub-kaloki portion of the podcast by defector associate Mr., and the four of us landed on this plane together, in good friendship — only four, abandoned or neglected by the state in various ways, which makes the losing team fall in love. And some less so and the last time we took a bath.

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