Mark Levy writes that the election change in New South Wales will cause panic

The frustration of the New South Wales Blues’ defeat at the State of Origin Opener is not hidden, but when are we born south of the Tweed River going to learn?

Since the 16-10 loss to the Queensland Maroons at Acre Stadium, I have heard critics and so-called fans of the team demand drastic changes in both games, an explanation of why Josh Ado-Kar and Jack Trobozevic were ignored for the team and some of you suggesting that Brad Fitler cannot be a coach. Excuse me?

‘Freddy’ is trying to be the second NSW coach to win the fourth series, behind Phil Gold who has won six. The Blues dominated the Queenslanders by winning two of the three games played in enemy territory last year, and now after losing six points to the Maroons, everyone wants to hit the panic button. That’s ridiculous.

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Eighth Immortal Andrew Johns reminded me of 2GB last week, “Isaah Yeo was half a meter away from taking the game in extra time.”

“Queensland got right into those key places, they were harassing Nathan Cleary, they were getting off the line, stopping to move forward and if NSW had gotten better Nathan would have got places, Damien Cook from Dummy Half and James Tedesco. More time; nothing more. Johns said.

I will remind everyone again, panicked traders who want wholesale change, the margin was six points.

Brad Fitler is a genius in the rugby league and he can’t do much from the coach box to solve problems during a brutal and high-intensity origins clash, but just like ‘Joey’, the Blues legend and the most capped player. Identified areas for development.

The equation is quite simple; The Blues must win the Optus Stadium in Perth on June 26 to send the series to a decisive stage, otherwise the Queenslanders will order the bronze to place a statue in honor of their rookie coach Billy Slater outside Suncorp Stadium.

Champion Fullback is just trying to become the sixth Maroon coach to win the series in his first attempt; He will be joined by Arthur Bitson, Paul Watin and Mal Manninger.

Let’s not even think about it, because the NSW blues are accustomed to sticking their backs to the wall and I’m sure they will equal the series in Perth.

Of course, the Blues will have to replicate Phil Gold’s 1994 NSW team if they want to win the series by winning the next two games away from home. Also note, NSW has not won a series decider at Suncorp Stadium since the Andrew Johns Masterclass in 2005.

Everyone has to take a deep breath and have faith in our coach Brad Fitler.

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