Maybe firing Joe Girardi will finally kickstart Phyllis

Phyllis went for it this year. Their salary is the highest in the history of the team. They signed a few sluggers. They have recreated the bullpen. They have some promising young men. They’ve had multiple fuckups since then: Alec Bohm’s error, a ridiculous ninth-inning choke against the Mets, a broken bullpen that can’t even tie his shoes, a player swinging on the pitch that went between his legs. Although the team started 16-17. Not terrible. Although the Mets made a big division lead, Phyllis was still at least average.

The second half of May did not go well. With a chance to go above .500 for the first time since the opening week, the Phillies lost to the Dodgers in a walk-off game where they were leading 4-0. That was 17-18. They keep losing. They ended May 22-29. They were 5.5 games behind in the middle of the Mets month. They are now 12 matches behind. Today, Joe Girardi has paid for his job with this extended futility. Jim Salisbury was the first to report that Phyllis Girardi had been fired. Rob Thompson, Canadian Bench Coach, Phillies, Interim Manager.

Girardi scored 132-141 as Philis manager. When they announced the “Proven Winner” appointment in October 2019, the Philistines did not live up to their expectations. “It’s been a frustrating season for us so far,” Dave Dombrowski, president of Philis in baseball operations, said in a statement today. The Phillies, despite their record in the last few weeks, certainly feel they are a good team that is on the verge of a run. I’m serious! Let’s see.

  • In the May 18, 3-0 win over the Padres, pitcher Jack Wheeler said in a postgame: “I know we have a good team and I just tried to get there and do my job and give my best.” They were then 18-19.
  • On 22 May, Phyllis avoided being withdrawn by the Dodgers when she allowed Max Munshi to score two runs in a groundout that ended in a game. “It sets the tone for our road trip,” says pitcher Jack Afflin Post Game. “It simply came to our notice then. Late in the game we played some great defensive play and got runs. That was the definition of team victory. We’re all pretty excited here. ”Phyllis was 19-22.
  • On May 23, Wheeler won again as he defeated Phyllis Braves 7-3. Eflin was right: the road trip was off to a good start! “I think we have a good ball club,” Dombrowski told reporters. Phyllis was 20-22.
  • On May 26, Phyllis defeated the Braves 4-1, after Aaron Knoller’s eighth and third inning. Catcher Jetty Realmuto said, “After what happened in the last few days, it is a big thing for us to be able to come out divided. Phyllis was 21-24.
  • On June 1, they got their first win since that big series split against the Phyllis Braves. Avoiding a four-game sweep at home, they lost to the Giants, 8-5. “We’re still a really good team,” said Kyle Schwarber. “Hopefully tonight is the start of something good,” Nola said. “It’s a great way to go on a holiday,” Girardi said. Phyllis was 22-29.

Then Phyllis hired Girard to work on the holiday this morning before canning him. Rude! Still, there are still a lot of quotes from people who are with the team that think Phyllis is a good team ready to go on the run. Now a new manager will get it done.

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