Michael Maguire has been sacked by the West Tigers

Michael Maguire had no say in hiring the West Tigers, with Tim Shins pouring hot water on them claiming to be “rubbish”.

Talking to Fox Sports NRL 360, The Tigers’ football boss said Maguire, who was fired on Tuesday, had signed every appointment while he was coach.

“There’s no player he hasn’t signed or signed off. He was on our retention committee – no decision was made without Michael’s approval. None,” said Shins.

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Shens took full responsibility for the club’s decision to fire Maguire.

“It was my decision, it was my recommendation and the board unanimously agreed to it,” Shins said.

“This time last year they were talking (dismissing Maguire), he was given a chance and we went half way through a season and worse than where we were.

“It’s a result-driven business, and at the end of the day, as fair or unfair as it was, the decision had to go with a dozen games.”

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Schins said the decision to fire Maguire – who was the second coach to be fired on the same day – had given his successor time to decide before making a decision on hiring him in November.

“A lot of coaches have gone to a club and said ‘oh I didn’t get a chance to hire, we didn’t get a chance to use the pay cap, it’s not my group’, so we want to pick it up. Now out,” he said.

Schins said Maguire’s permanent replacement was intended to be a “development coach”, possibly canceling a play for the choice of Shane Flanagan and Paul Green, both of whom have won premiership as head coaches.

“Someone who is ready to give our young people a chance. We have to be patient – tomorrow will not be an easy solution,” said Shins.

“We have a great way to go now. We’ve caught all the kids in Group 6 and all that came with it, it’ll take a while, (but we’ll develop) these kids as well as the young players and veterans that we have to pick here and there.”

The Tigers’ Great Benny Elias said on Tuesday that Shins himself would be the perfect replacement for Maguire, yet this is a highly unlikely scenario.

Shins was specifically asked about Cameron Siraldo, who has been linked with the game’s most sought-after young coach and vacant positions in the Bulldogs and Warriors, as well as the Knights, who are fighting under Adam O’Brien.

“Cameron has been told … we have to go to the market and find someone we are happy with and who will be happy with us,” Shins said.

“Over the next two months, we have to choose what is the best option for our club so that they are well on board before we make our (appointment) decision in November.”

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