Michael Voss says after Jacob Waitering’s shoulder injury ‘on the edge’ of the blues

Star defender Jacob Waitering faces the possibility of being sidelined for more than a month due to a shoulder injury that has taken a big hit in Carlton’s promising season.

The 24-year-old Collingwood suffered an AC joint injury in his right shoulder in the first quarter of the win against the Blues at 11. 13. (79) to 11. 9. (75) and was ruled out of the game.

Waiting was injured during a collision with Colinwood’s Jordan de Goy at the center of the MCG when the pair chased after a ball in the dispute.

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After the Blues’ thriller against Magpies, coach Michael Voss suspected that the injury would be “on the edge” through scans to confirm the severity of the next day.

“We think it will be more on the big end than the secondary end. He will go to a surgeon earlier this week and decide if he has surgery. If it enters that place, we will probably talk in the long term: five, six weeks, Voss told reporters.

“There are some challenges. I talked to the group that you get a throw spanner. Each team does it throughout the season and you are challenged at different times. In that time, what we did, we did. We found a way. That’s it. The challenge before us.

“We went on break at 8-3 at Turn, raising our own expectations of what our expectations are this season. We’ve been able to do that by being able to strategize through things, manage injuries and spend time on the ground. Some players. Towards us. Some spanners have been thrown out. We will continue to work through it. “

Waiting injuries have continued Carlton’s poor run this season, with key goalkeeper Harry McKee, first-choice Rookman Mark Pitonet and defender Jack Williams currently sidelined.

The Blues’ defense, along with that of Mitch McGovern and Oscar MacDonald, has also been shattered, and Voss has admitted that the club could use next week’s mid-season draft to bolster its defensive stock.

“We’ll look into it, no doubt. We’re looking to take those places if we can. The final details will be available in a few days before the draft,” Voss said.

“We have a list-management committee, so everything we take is well-discussed. We go through all the options. We have to be really careful, even if it’s not running after something we don’t need to chase. We are not going to compromise in making our list for this.

“I think there are a few specific things we want to follow, we still have a list that we need to manage from the moment. It prioritizes anything else.”

On June 10, before the 13-round clash with Ascendon, they lost 8-3 to the Blues in fifth place with the ladder to the bye in Round 12.

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