MotoGP Catalan GP Crash | Takaki Nakagami criticized one rival after another

Japan’s MotoGP star Takaki Nakagami has miraculously survived an overnight crash after a horrific first-corner crash at Spain’s Catalan Grand Prix.

Nakagami’s head shook violently as it hit the rear wheel of Ducati rival Francesco Bagnania after he lost the front end of his Honda when he turned into a corner.

The crash killed both Bagnia and Suzuki gunman Alex Rinse – who flew spectacularly into the air. He suffered a broken wrist and now has doubts for the next race.

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It was the second race in a row Nakagami and Rinse came together.

Bagnaiya criticized Nakagami after the race, claiming that riders were afraid to race against him.

“We are professional riders, and we have a lot of fear when it comes to money riding,” he told host Broadcast.

“(These) mistakes can’t happen. You can’t overtake 12 riders in a braking (zone) – it was really irresponsible.

“If I hadn’t been there … he would have been in the gravel and his race would have been over.”

Rinse also blames Nakagami for the crash and notices the race stewards who view the crash as a racing incident.

“Obviously he made a big mistake – he lost the breaking point, crossed the track from right to left, he collapsed with the front lock. It’s definitely his fault, but the fault of the stewards too,” he said.

“There is no point in them deciding to do nothing about this move.”

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