NBA Final 2022: Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics Date, Time, Roster,

Golden State Warriors forward Dreammond Green has come to the defense of teammate Steve Curry in the NBA Finals, mocking advice on the guard’s performance in previous play-off runs.

Curry is now one of the game’s best players for a decade, but lost a trophy from his cabinet – a final MVP award.

When the Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2015 series and the award for “stopping” LeBron James was given to his teammate Andrew Igudala, you could certainly make the case that Curry deserved the award.

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The problem, though, is that Igudala was praised for his defensive efforts, but James averaged 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists.

Curry averaged 26 points, 6.3 assists and 5.2 rebounds per game and three to 38.5 percent shots, and was easily Golden State’s best offensive player.

When Kevin signed with Durant Warriors in 2017, he won the MVP award for both of their back-to-back final wins – but Green was quick to defend Curry’s efforts in those years.

“Kevin Durant was absolutely incredible in that final run,” Green said Colin Cowhard Podcast.

“Steve Curry probably got seven times as many double-teams as KD did in a given series.

“So when you look at those games and you say, ‘Ah, [Curry’s] The numbers may be a little lower, ‘he’s facing a double team … they’re a real double team … they’re an elite team throwing at elite defenders.

“If you don’t understand basketball, which most people are not in your place, yes, you will come out and say that he has to prove it by winning the final MVP.”

Durant responded on Twitter, calling the quote a “100% lie” – prompting Green to respond with a brutal champ.

Durant, for his part, responded again: “I appreciate it, but I do not agree with what you (sic) said about the double team. I like the show.”

The Warriors will look to win their fourth ring in seven seasons when the NBA Finals begin tomorrow.

Who is playing in the NBA final?

The 2022 NBA Finals will be contested between the Boston Celtics who won the Eastern Conference and the Golden State Warriors who won the Western Conference.

When does the NBA Finals start?

The best series of the seven will start with the first game at 11 a.m. AEST on Friday 3rd June.

When is the game?

After the first game, the second game will be at 10 a.m. on Monday, June 6, the game will be at 11 a.m. on Thursday, June 9, and the four games will be at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 11.

If the series requires more than four games, five games will be played on Tuesday, June 14 at 11 a.m., six games will be played on Friday, June 17 at 11 a.m., and seven games will be played on Monday, June 20 at 11 a.m.

How do I watch the NBA Finals in Australia?

All games will be broadcast on ESPN or streamed in Kyoto.

Who will win the NBA final?

Warriors ারে 1.60 Favorite, Celtics $ 2.40 with Outsiders.

Who will win the NBA Final MVP?

Favorite Celtics guard Jason Tatum is leading the way with প্রিয় 2.70, taking home the Warriors Superstar Stephen Curry’s Most Valuable Player award at 2.10.

Every other player disagrees long enough; Celtics’ Jelen Brown is the third-favorite at 12, and Curry’s partner Splash Brother Clay Thompson is 16.

Others include Drymond Green $ 19, Andrew Wiggins $ 26, Jordan Pool $ 36 and Marcus Smart $ 46.

The road to the Boston finals

The Celtics have come through a full Gauntlet before playing the most number of games in each of their last two play-off series.

After finishing second in the standings with 51 wins in the regular season, they first beat the Brooklyn Nets in a clean sweep, sending Kiri Irving Packing, a much-maligned former player.

But then, they went down 3-2 after five games, defeating defending champions Milwaukee Box in seven games, winning the deciding match 109-81.

It set up a match with old rivals the Miami Heat, which covered the distance, with Boston holding a thrilling game seven, 100-96.

The road to the Golden State finals

The Warriors had a relatively easy time, winning 53 in the West and finishing third overall.

They have outscored the Denver Nuggets in five games, which they have beaten in six, before facing a tough test against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Another one-day series awaiting the conference final, again winning five games – beating Dallas Mavericks 120-110 in the final.

Who has home court benefits and why?

Despite Boston ending up as the higher seed in their conference, the Warriors will have an advantage on the home court as they win more games (53 to 51) in the regular season.

That means Game One and Two will be in the San Francisco Bay Area before the series moves to Boston for three and four games.

Game Five is back on the West Coast, with teams alternating on home court for six and seven games if needed.

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How did the teams go against each other this year?

The teams have played each other twice, with the road team winning each event.

First, the Warriors arrived in Boston in December and beat the Celtics 111-107 on a 30-point display from Curry.

Three months later, Boston came west and outscored the easy winners 110-88.

How many championships did each team win?

The Celtics have won the most 17 titles in NBA history with the Los Angeles Lakers, most recently in 2008.

The Warriors have won three rings since 2015 and six are tied for third overall championship overall.

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