Nikita Tszyu’s Chilling Revealed After ‘Explosive’ Performance Against Mason

By Simon Bransdon and Chris de Silva

A ruthless Nikita Tszyu admits that seeing her opponent bleed gives her opponent Mason Smith joy after a brutal first-round TKO victory.

Tszyu wasted little time on the front foot against the previously-undefeated Smith, before the referee was forced to start the fight two and a half minutes later.

There was a brutal shot that sent Smith into the canvas a minute later, and although he was initially allowed to continue, the referee took action after another 90 seconds of violence from Tszyu.

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It was a scary show that was described as “explosive” and “major” by Ben Damon in the main event of the commentary.

After his victory, the 27-year-old was asked if he enjoyed the fight and gave a simply cold response.

“It’s the blood that comes to me. Seeing the brutality,” Tszyu said.

“That’s what I like, seeing that blood. That bloody nose … that’s the joy I’m the police.”

Damon, who was interviewing TJU, simply smiled and replied, “You’re not right, Nikita CJU.”

Tszyu was asked to rate his win, and he gave it six out of 10.

Her older brother, Tim Tszyu, was much more impressed.

“He just kicked the guy … 10,” Tim said.

“I told you, I told everyone. Wait until he starts kicking everyone now.”

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