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Brad Fitler called the controversial Ells coach incident “absolutely ridiculous” and “stupid” but Andrew Johns challenged him, declaring Nathan Cleary “had no idea”.

The heavyweight showdown between the Panthers and the Iles took a strange turn last Friday in Penrith when Paramatman assistant Steve Murphy ran across the mouth of the goal post to try to transform Cleary.

Penrith missed a halfback goal, setting the scoreline at 14-10 for the Panthers, and Iles eventually won the game 22-20.

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During the conversion kick the coach clears confusion

The NRL has since confirmed that proper protocol has been followed in not clearing the clearer, but the governing body is investigating.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous that a coach is running in front of a goalpost when someone is kicking a goal. It’s ridiculous,” Fitler told the Wide World of Sports. Freddie and VIII.

“The minimum that should happen is a re-kick … As a coach, that’s the golden rule: don’t interrupt the other team. Even if you’re out all the time playing, water through your blocks and whatever, interrupt the other team No … running under the goalposts when he was about to kick, in front of two judges, was stupid. “

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Johns, one of seven players in history to have scored more than 2,000 points in his career, draws on his own experience while batting in coaching plays.

“As a kicker, you’re focusing on the ball,” John said.

“He had no clue who was running, not even watching, not even knowing.

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“Nothing affects Kicker. He’s in the zone. He’s not even looking.”

Fitler continues to argue.

“I understand that, but it could do more with the fabric of the game.”

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