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Rugby League guru Phil Gold says Adam Reynolds could be Brisbane’s most important recruiter.

The Broncos are in an NRL resurgence, having spent two years at the bottom of the competition since being blown off the park in the 2019 qualifying final.

The Red Hill club is in the throes of the longest premiership to date and things have been horrendous for a long time now in the Queensland capital.

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However, the arrival of experienced halfback Reynolds has given new life to the team. They have won five of nine games this year – a total of 10 in the last two seasons – and are in the top half of the league.

Gold said he knew the Broncos were on the way to becoming a better team.

“Even over the last few years, when Anthony Seabold has been coaching and struggling … I’ve seen individual athletes, their size, their athletic ability, the way they play,” Gold told Wide World of Sports. Six tackles with gas Podcast

“Many of them reached the NRL level very quickly. And it happened.

“You have to go through a time where they get an education, and they have to get an education that you can’t give them off the field. They have to get it on the field.

“They have to go there and be educated on the field. So you deal with the ups and downs of it and it’s a process that you go through with young players if you believe they are the future.

“I’ve been through it a few times, and it’s a different style of football, a different style of coaching that you give.

“The better the athlete, the better the committed player, the better Team Man comes to the fore in the Broncos.

Reynolds tried to burn the old flame

“What these kids need from time to time is some exposure to on-field leadership that illuminates everything, and that’s where Adam Reynolds has been a big buy for them.”

Gold says Reynolds is the glue that has brought Brisbane’s young, raw talent together this year.

He moved north on a two-year contract, rejecting an offer from his favorite South Sydney to extend his one-year contract.

At 31, he was deemed ineligible by the Rabitohas, but in Brisbane he showed how much he still has to pay in the NRL. Last week he led Brisbane to a crushing victory against South Sydney.

“He’s going to be the best winner of the year,” Gold said of Reynolds.

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“For the Broncos, they haven’t been able to shop better than Adam Reynolds in the last 20 years.

“That’s why we (Penrith) brought James Maloney and James Tamau to the Panthers at a crucial time in the careers of those young players.

“Adam Reynolds is going to be vital. I don’t know how long he will last or how long he will play, but as long as these young players can spend time with Adam Reynolds, they will remember it for the rest of their lives.”

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