NRL News 2022, Bunker Andrew Johns, Melbourne Storm vs. Manly Sea Eagles

Rugby league immortal Andrew Johns fears NRL officials are vague about the 12-round hurdle rules for the season.

The legendary halfback reconsidered his criticism of Bunker after receiving a Cameron Munster Tri award on Thursday night, aiming for its lack of continuity and revealing that he feared for the roots of the state.

Johns was adamant that Melbourne fullback Nick Manny Manly blocked No. 1 Ruben Garrick as Munster was cut through the Sea Eagles defense at the left end.

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The incident happened a week after Johns unloaded a “ridiculous” decision to reward the Broncos despite an obvious setback.

The incident was questioned by experts and fans as to what were the exact rules of restraint, the referee’s explanation was nothing short of surprising.

In Melbourne on Thursday night, Johns did not understand why a barrier penalty was not blown.

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“I don’t want to sound like hell, but if they’re going to be consistent, it’s been a no-try for the last few years,” Johns Munster said in Nine’s coverage after trying.

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“We’re moving into the biggest time of the year: the time of origin. I don’t know if there’s been any change (in the explanation of the blockade). But if they continue, it’s not an attempt.

“It’s a deadset no-try, because Manny checks the fullback there, Ruben Garrick.”

A game in the Origin series will be played on June 8 at the Sydney Stadium in Australia.

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