NRL News 2022, South Sydney Rabbithos vs. Canberra Raiders, Tane Milne

South Sydney coach Jason Demetrius will ask the NRL why he lost a player in a failed head injury assessment when he believes they did not shrink.

Rabbitohs winger Taane Milne was instructed off the field in the first half of Sunday’s 32-12 loss to Canberra in Dubois.

After the game, the coach used his press conference to publicly question why independent doctor Milne was left out of the competition.

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“There is nothing wrong with Tan. We will ask him some questions about that decision, that’s for sure,” Demetrius said.

“I talked to her in the changeroom. At no point did she feel like she was shivering.

“Respect the process and the decision … but these are the big decisions we make in the game. When you lose a winger … it’s a weekend question.”

South Sydney also lost Tevita Tatola in the first hit-up of the game, when he collided with Josh Papali.

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The two failed HIA left Banis with a two-man bench for the entire second half.

Under NRL rules, the 18th person may be active when a team has three injuries, or when an injury is the result of a foul play and an opposing player is reported for an incident in question.

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Instead, Isaiah Toss was unable to be active for South Sydney, and sat on the bench.

It was the third win for Canberra, but league great Steve Roach at one point described Rabbitos’ performance as “disrespectful”.

Demetrius knows that rabbits are not where they want to be.

“We weren’t aggressive enough, we didn’t have an aggressive mindset today,” he said.

“I think we missed 40 weird tackles.

“Right now it’s our season, when we’re showing some good signs and then we’re not showing some good signs, we’re still constantly striving for it.”

The Rabitos face the Tigers in 12 rounds, while the Raiders face the Tigers to do four in a row.

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