NRL News | Jackson Hastings fan abuse, sister threats, family, talk

A spectator has allegedly threatened to kill two young sisters of West Tigers star Jackson Hastings in a tragic outcome in a magic round on Sunday night.

Hastings was taking a goal kick from the sidelines during the weekend’s game against North Queensland when several fans scolded him.

After landing a subtle conversion kick, Hastings instructs the team to field safety and the ground manager.

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What really moved Hastings was that the man who made the threats identified his two sisters by name.

“It’s really gone under his skin – as you can imagine – no one has to deal with it,” a source close to the Tigers told Wide World of Sports.

Security at Suncorp Stadium, who had been criticized for being slow to respond to a fierce brawl on a spectacular three-day opening night, was in the ball this time around.

They identified the alleged culprit, pulled him out of the ground and charged him with disorderly conduct.

However, if the depth of the situation is revealed, he may face more serious charges from the police.

Hastings has handled a horrific situation with dignity, refusing to go to a scandalous match with the group but has reported to their safety and should be commended for his actions.

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