NRL News | Kevin Walters says Brisbane is “shocked” by Paine’s request for Haas’ release

According to coach Kevin Walters, the Brisbane club are “shocked” by Paine’s request for an immediate release from the remaining two and a half seasons of his contract.

The deal broke down between Haas and the Broncos on Wednesday night, after which the 22-year-old’s management emailed the club seeking his immediate release.

Haas has signed a contract with Brisbane until the end of the 2024 season, a deal worth $ 750,000 for 2022, which has risen to $ 800,000 in 2023 and $ 850,000 in 2024.

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One of the best front-rowers in the game, Haas thinks he’s worth more than that. He is thought to have sought 1 million for 2023 and 2024 and $ 1.2 million for 2025.

Walters told Nova Radio in Brisbane, “His management has asked for his release. They have offered us Payne and we have refused.

“We understand Payne is a great player for us, and we want to take care of him financially, but we can’t come to an agreement.

“Agreements are negotiable, and we’re happy to negotiate.”

While Walters and the Broncos may be happy with the discussion, Haas doesn’t seem to be interested.

“They (the football manager) sent an e-mail to Ben Ikin saying that if this did not happen, Payne would be released immediately, which really shocked us,” Walters explained.

“We are working with his management to keep Payne at Red Hill.

“That’s the result we both want. I’m sure we can come to an agreement.”

Walters noted that Haas had been in the Brisbane system for almost a decade and announced that the drama surrounding the front row would not bother his teammates.

“We were by his side in good times and bad. It’s a two-way street. He’s always been Bronco and we want him to stay,” he said.

“When players consider the rugby league as a business, they realize that players are moving forward at different times.

“That’s where they live.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reported earlier this week that Haas, who has taken legal action against Chris Orr and Pacific Sports Management, is now facing a counter-claim in NSW Supreme Court from his former manager, who is seeking more than 200,000.

It came after Haas refused to sign a new deal with the Broncos by Orr worth $ 5.75 million.

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