NSW Blues, Phil Gold says Penrith Panthers rely too heavily on star Nathan

Former New South Wales coach Phil Gould has criticized Brad Fitler’s blues for being too “predictable” at the opening rate of the series against Queensland.

Despite coming to Origin I as a favorite, the home side were stunned by an enthusiastic Maroon outfit that won 16-10 thanks to a strong second-half performance.

Fitler picked six Panther stars on one side of his game, representing Brian Too, Jarom Louie, Nathan Cleary, Liam Martin, Isaac Yeo and Stephen Crichton Shield holders, and Gold said the Blues’ game had become “a little more” Pantherwise.

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“You’re not playing club football, you’re playing the best around, you’re playing Origin, you need a little more than that,” he told the Wide World of Sports. Six tackles with gas Podcast

“You need something more for your game and your strategy than the mentality of club football because it’s a nice combination and nice structure. You need a few small trick shots to get out of trouble, you need someone who is going to do it. Be a little different.”

Gold said the absence of 2021 star Lateral Mitchell and Tom Trobozevic – both out due to injuries – hurt the Blues.

“(They) are two players who can do something without doing anything. They can miss players, they can find offloads, they can bob up anywhere on the field, they can be there on support runs and we just lacked that a little bit.”

Gold criticized the Blues for being too “predictable”, saying that the extra-structural offensive game hampered Cleary’s ability to influence the game as much as the previous Origin series.

“I think the NSW came up with exactly what Queensland expected,” he said.

“When you’re playing against the best in this environment and you get these one-point opportunities, you have to come up with good structures and good shape and a little bit more than that.

2022 Main State Highlights: NSW v QLD – Game I.

“Cleary plays a predictable role in his football, so they were able to put some pressure on him, realizing that he had kicked at another origin before them.

“Clearly what he was doing and where he was getting the ball and how he was getting the ball was predictable and that’s where Queensland was able to stop him.

“I just thought NSW brought them a club strategy, a club style of football. The longer the game lasts, the more you will see Queensland’s defense become more confident in what they are doing.”

Despite being named the best player of the match by Cameron Munster, Gold praised Harry Grant, who was influential in the No. 14 jersey for the Maroons in the second half.

“Harry Grant was the difference for me because he was the X-Factor,” he said.

“I said before the game that he was the only tactical game available to both sides. He was the one we were going to look for in the game and when it would happen.

“It was at the 20-minute mark that Billy threw him into the game and everything changed from that moment on. Every two or three six sets, he would just find that run and sometimes find two runs to put NSW on the back foot.

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“He’s made more space for Munster, (Daily) more space for Cherry-Evans and Ponga, and they’ve played with more open spirits than New South Wales.

“Queensland was a bit more (unpredictable) in the nature of their players.

“I always felt that something more could happen for Queensland, and that was reflected in the pressure level between the two teams.”

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