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When the New South Wales and Queensland clash in Perth later this month, many blues and maroons will be away from their state or country of tradition.

Among them are Daniel Tupau, Jr. Paolo, Payne Haas, Josh Papali and Tino Fasumaleui.

The reason is the schedule.

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Phil Gould called the timing of this year’s representative round “stupid” and “ridiculous”, but Paul Galen argued against it.

Papali will not be able to pull his favorite Samoan jumper to face the Cook Islands on June 25 as he promises to face Queensland’s second state a day later.

The fixtures form part of a mid-year representation round that includes a Test between New Zealand and Tonga, a match between Fiji and Papua New Guinea, and a match between the women’s and the Under-19 State of Origin Games.

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“How stupid scheduling. How stupid. Can you believe it?” Said on Gold Nine 100% feet.

“It’s a billion dollar game.

“How stupid the scheduling is.

“Players are forced to decide over the weekend whether they will play for the country of their tradition or whether they will play for their state in the biggest game given the game.

“How stupid the scheduling is.”

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After a two-year hiatus due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, the Representative Round will see Tests return to the football calendar.

The Kiwis’ match against Tonga in Auckland will mark the first elite rugby league game on New Zealand soil since 2019.

“Let’s fit it in there because we can and it’s easy ‘, instead of saying,’ What’s in the best interest of our players? ‘, Especially those who support the international game,” Gold said.

“Pacific Islanders love to play for their country of tradition. Do you want to keep quiet about whether you can play the original?

“I find the whole thing absolutely ridiculous and amateurish that we’re all hanging out on one weekend.

“Our representatives should not clash with football where they cannot do it or they have to make a decision.

“Doesn’t anyone see how stupid it is? Am I the only one who sees how stupid it is? Or do we give it up?”

Gold condemns NSW for talking about origin change

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Galen pushed back, arguing that Tonga and Samoa had recently begun to truly challenge top-tier countries Australia and New Zealand because of conflicting schedules.

Tonga stunned Australia in 2019 in one of the biggest upsets in the history of the rugby league, losing 16-12 to a first-tier two-nation country.

“I think the only reason to be like this right now, to be a little bit attached to the game, is that Tonga and Samoa haven’t had as much power at this moment in the last five years,” said Galen.

“They weren’t that strong three or four years ago. Now they’re strong (so) they have to look forward.”

But Gold keeps on blabbering on.

“Why the collision?” He said.

“It’s really easy. We’ve got 52 weeks in a year. Why?”

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