Of course, a strange Mets injury doesn’t turn out to be a complete * thing *

Hearing the news of the injury of one of the players of their team, expect the normal engagement of the sports fans. It’s not as bad as it sounds. This does not apply to fans of the New York Mets. This is not because Mets fans are particularly pessimistic, but because they are rationalists: they can recognize patterns. And it’s been a constant for Mets injuries over the years It’s always worse than hearing it. The bad news is always bad. Injuries are misdiagnosed or mistreated or simply misreported. A pull becomes a strain A tear becomes a full ligament replacement. A 10-day IL period turns into a losing season. This is how things work for mates.

So you’ll forgive the Mets fans for not panicking over the injured ace Max Scherzer. Sherzer, rehabilitating a diagonal strain in mid-May that is expected to keep him out by the end of June, was bitten by a dog, but that’s fine! The report says, it does not throw his hand!

Ah, that’s about it.

But it’s still okay! He just threw one day! His rehabilitation is still on the right track! No Mets fan believes it. Fool them once, you will be ashamed; Fool them 67 times, and so on

With that in mind, here are some possible future Sherza titles. You are not limited to this one pick.

  • In fact, the dog bites Scherzer off clean hands.
  • In fact, the dog bit Scherzer’s UCL.
  • Ah man, the dog is running with Scherzer’s UCL in his mouth and Metra is all trying to get him to throw it but he thinks it’s a fun game and running away from them.
  • Oh God, they offered him a treat to drop Sherger’s UCL and he threw it in the mud and now there are ants around it.
  • In fact, Sherzar was beaten by a pack of African wild dogs.
  • Mets doctors “rub some dirt into it” and prescribe a course to start the infection.
  • Scherzer has rabies now.
  • Sherger now has monkeypox (unrelated to dog bites).
  • Scherzer the dog slipped on the dove and landed on his shoulder and would be off indefinitely.
  • Scherzer hit by meteor.
  • Sherzar bit the second dog.
  • Scherzer bites by cat.
  • Sherza has been bitten by a tortoise.
  • Sherzer bitten by Brandon Nimmo.
  • Rotator cuff tear.
  • Jacob Digrom also bit the dog.

A quick recovery from Max Sherger!

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