Of course Elon Musk’s ‘Alden Ring’ build is a dog sheet

Let us agree that there is no wrong way to play video games. If anyone wants to spend 100 hours with them The Witcher 3 Gwent game, their more power. If your weird neighbor Paul only ever fired Grand Theft Auto III So that he can run over the pedestrians, just like Paul is doing his job. Video games are meant for entertainment, and people are free to entertain as they please. This does not mean that you cannot make a decision based on how a person plays a video game. For example, you probably shouldn’t spend too much time with Paul.

All of this brings us to Elon Musk, who revealed this yesterday Alden Ring Character Formation:

Anyone has spent a significant amount of time playing Alden Ring Among these screenshots can be found some of the offensive choices that masked. If you haven’t played Alden RingI won’t kill you with the details of all the nonsense that Musk has done here, but the gist is that he seems to have created a spell-casting character that seems almost completely obsolete, unable to heal itself, unnecessary and unnecessarily stressed items, And extremely risky to take losses. Based on his character level and some of the items in his hand, I would say that Musk has been playing the game for at least 80 hours, and I can’t imagine a world where he has not spent most of these hours in full ownership. .

The most important thing to understand about this character construction is that it betrays a deep curiosity about how the game actually works. Part of what makes Alden Ring So much fun to play that it presents you with a lot of difficult problems, and an almost unlimited number of ways to solve those problems. People who like the game get a lot of pleasure from hitting a wall and then spend some time tweaking their construction and playing style in a way that ultimately allows them to move through the game. What I see in Mask Build is a guy who spends zero seconds thinking about how the game actually works. Play Alden Ring It’s like riding a bike with a flat tire, for dozens of hours, and never stop to consider why you’re not going anywhere.

It all makes perfect sense, though. Musk is a major inventor whose major contributions to the world are poorly designed electric death traps and useless one-way tunnels. He is a meme-obsessed person on the internet who has never posted anything funny. He is a free-speech dictator who says Tweets should be censored if they are “wrong and bad”. And now, he A true gamer Who doesn’t understand how to properly hook up his healing flasks. He’s a clown!

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