Origin of the Kingdom 2022 NSW Blues Greg Alexander thinks Isaac’s night is over

Cameron Munster, Man of the Match at the Origin Game, said that Isaah felt “sick” after seeing Yoke return to the Blues defensive line and head-knocking in the opening game.

Munster – who had to run for the HIA in the 2020 series – said he was going to go ahead and help but was beaten by Tariq Sims.

Both NSW Doctors and Independent NRL Doctors have been criticized for not pulling Yeo from the series opener.

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Munster said it was not a good look for the game as a whole.

“We’ve been talking about the well-being of our players and our heads for years. It’s not ideal, but at the end of the day it’s someone’s life. You don’t want him to grow old. Dementia,” he said.

“Honestly, I was going to go and see if he was OK. I was going to run. Then he started to stumble back to the line. It wasn’t rocket science. You could see he wasn’t good. It makes me sick. Someone raised their hands.” We had to take responsibility for it because it didn’t work. “

Nathan Gibbs, a doctor on the NSW team, said the NRL’s independent doctor was the only person who assessed Tackle’s point of view.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald:

“We asked to see it with the bunker doctor and the bunker doctor showed me his chosen point of view. He said Isaac’s jaw was hurt and we saw it. He asked if we could get our orange shirt (trainer). A category three which is field. Check out. We got Trav to do it, and I reported to the bunker and he said, ‘All is well.’ “

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Blues adviser Greg Alexander admits that Blues Box thought your night was over.

Speaking of SEN breakfast, Alexander described the situation as “misleading”.

“I automatically said, ‘Well, it’s a Category One, we’ll kick him out,'” he said.

“Despite being on the field, he was clearly impressed and probably shouldn’t have stayed as long as he was.”

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Yeo stumbled after Queensland’s Josh Papali got involved in the first tackle of the game and had to get the support of teammate Tariq Sims.

“The trainer could not go to her immediately and I do not know why it was not called immediately by an independent doctor,” Alexander said.

“(NSW Doctor) Nathan Gibbs went to the independent doctor and talked to him. It was called a Category Three, which meant that once our trainer got there, all he had to do was pass the HIA, and he did.”

Yeo later moved within a meter of the Blues to score with the final game of the match, where Nathan Cleary saw the siren kick to equalize the score.

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Alexander said the Blues were “out-enthusiastic” and had received “a lesson in rock-control” from Queensland. He said the mood in the squad on Thursday morning was “flat”.

“It’s very frustrating after last night’s loss, especially at home in front of the sellout crowd. With two more games left, they have to choose for themselves – everyone does,” he said.

“Last night we got a lesson in rock control. Rarely have we been on the front foot in the Queensland defense in numbers. On the other hand, Queensland has done a great job of playing the ball faster than us, (they) are coming towards us, making it very difficult for half.”

“Half of us are standing there waiting … not getting close to the ball,” he said.

“I know Nathan has found himself in that position many times in the Tackle Five, also they have out-encouraged us. They were out of line.”

Alexander said it was the NSW back three that kept the Blues in the game and could have won in the end.

“Daniel Tupau was very good on the wing, Brian Toe also caught everything he threw at him, and Teddy was Teddy – he did everything he could to get home to New South Wales last night,” he said.

“Queensland played fast where needed, and we couldn’t hold them to the end. We didn’t sprint from the line to jam them and keep them on the try line, and they made it a lot easier.”

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