There are plenty of reasons for someone to visit HBO Time to win They may find themselves wondering if they want to continue visiting HBO Time to win. In the storytelling of the 10 episodes of the ’79 -’80 Los Angeles Lakers season (albeit) the show is aesthetically irresistible on a level that is reminiscent of Terminal-stage Oliver Stone. Consistently, it often vibrates at a very high and very unusual frequency, and it is filled with moments and scenes that are the size of a joke, as Ryan Reynolds often does line reading without actually solving anything funny. The acting is awesome and the casting is even better. Squirrel-Guy character actor Rory Kochran is delighted to play Jerry Tarkanian in some early episodes, and all of his scenes seem to have been shot not only on the same set, but with the same equipment that John Cassavats used. Murder of a Chinese bookie. I like it pretty much overall.

Still, Time to win Contemporary big-ticket television is a complete full-spectrum triumph of both production cost and technological prowess, and the art of filmmaking, which is unimaginable for television a decade ago, and somehow just fine after all. That it was highly viewable, generally enjoyable, and improved as it went along, but it has been expanded and over-telegraphed in such a way that broad-based television adaptations are often shut down এবং and not just because the results are already on the historical record. And some stories really take 10 hours to tell. You know this kind of show. It’s pretty good, and about two hours long, and, when it’s over, you don’t think about it too often or too much. There are a lot of shows like this.

When Israel writes here as Daramola Time to win Having premiered, the most interesting and admirable thing about the show is how strongly it disrespects the story it is telling. A. The Hollywood Reporter Featuring the original story of the show’s long and medium-filled art, screenwriter Jim Hetchet says he persuaded Jeff Pearlman to buy his book. Showtimes: Magic, Karim, Riley and the Los Angeles Lakers dynasty As a television property says he “wanted to make Friday night light About the Lakers of the 1980s. Eight years later, Hatchett and co-creator Max Borenstein managed to create exactly the opposite. Where Friday night light At the heart of its story is a respectful and sometimes sensitive approach to the consequences of a small life, Time to winIts most admirable and distinguishing feature is the reluctance to take one of the most famous people who fill the story with as much importance as they are accustomed to accept. Their various personal struggles are often regarded with the honor of telling some stories, but, unlike the recent proliferation of star-driven documentaries, treating the various legends of the show with respect was clearly not the point.

As a result, a show created by extremely hardcore Lakers fans was conducted Originally the most prominent live Lakers franchise icon and the organization peeing itself. There have been some serious jokes about the way their complaints about the show were consistent with the cartoons they drew Time to win. Jerry West, relentlessly portrayed as a hyper-competitive lunatic, proves to Marshall 80-odd pages that he really is Absolutely not He promised to take the angry letter written by his lawyers to the Supreme Court if necessary. Karim Abdul-Jabbar, who portrayed the show as bright and intelligent but also cold and self-important, ended a thought-provoking critique of mourning in the first episode of the show about how a cheap character-establishing gag could deprive disadvantaged children. Required STEM education. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; The real Magic joined the West and admitted before criticizing Abdul-Jabbar’s show that he hadn’t actually seen any of it.

“The series makes us all look like cartoon characters,” West told the former Los Angeles Times Journalist Bill Dwyer, in the presence of the same podcast where he threatened to send his letter to the Supreme Court, said that the Supreme Court is a homeowners’ association for people whose premium cable seems unreasonable. “They’ve underestimated something good.”

If there is a question about whether Time to win As much as it should have been cartoonish — and the show could have done almost half of every single thing and still qualifies comfortably as a “maximalist” —that is not a question of explicitly ranking West. It’s a small part, though, again, that’s not the right word; Time to win It does not ridicule its heroes, it does not just portray them as the kind of caricature they have become accustomed to seeing reflected in them.

“We came here with good intentions, but these people don’t know it,” said producer Adam Mack. The Hollywood Reporter. “They’re accustomed to a certain level of media that always follows them, and if I could talk to them, I’d say, ‘No, no, don’t worry, we’re going to draw the whole picture,’ but I understand, they’re me or Max. They don’t know Borenstein, and it’s their right not to really like it. ”

While many of the most recognizable characters on the show don’t really like it, it seems to have less to do with being the subject of glib spoofs or even routine storytelling caricatures, compared to some big principles; However, over the course of the series, as the story gained momentum, they became somewhat more humane. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. If anything, just in response to the demand for those hours on television, it addresses everything from regular-season games to owner Jerry Bus’s finances to the moment, with complete, exaggerated care.

The challenge that the show presents to people like West and Abdul-Jabbar, I suspect, has more to do with the fundamental strangeness of their real-life – the things you did, the person you were when you did them – not just a story. , But become This Story type. This is the first time that Karim Abdul-Jabbar and Jerry West, among all people, have been helped by people interested in using their remarkable professional careers and achievements and equally resonant personal and political identities to tell a kind of story. While there are many other inconsistent ways in which only these two identities are used as signifiers and symbols to prove their dignity as cultural personalities, it is probably not very interesting to use them as such. If it is possible to express sympathy for the West when he threatens endless lawsuits to prove that he is not and has never been mad, it is on this basis.

But Westerners who literally agreed to be the logo of the league where he played, or to receive the Presidential Medal from Donald Trump, were also choosing how he would allow his story to be told, and whether he would allow his high public self-esteem. At a certain level of reputation, long enough, this is fame — not just losing yourself, or gradually adding it to something less like a brand and yourself, but becoming a symbol without any anchoring significance, and how recognized it is. Mostly recognized for. It could be something like a logo, or something like a tweet announcing what a wonderful time it was to speak at a gathering that ended with an exclamation point at the annual meeting of the Bonfish Grill franchises.

It will happen, the most aggrieved party Time to win Relatively easy to get off in the end. They are all winners, of course; The title tells you. During Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Jerry West spent most of the final episode wandering the halls of Spectrum, shouting and cursing, and being completely out of any kind of human activity — and then he was promoted to GM. Karim Abdul-Jabbar heroically resolves his sympathetic but conflicting relationship with Spencer Haywood, who is at the bottom and hopelessly addicted. That relationship is one of the strongest and most humane parts of the series; The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

Almost all or even none of which is true next to the point; The real people involved in this story have been famous for a long time enough to get used to this kind of thing. For the more challenging part, the viewer and the viewer, all these perceived realities seem to be coming out of the other end of the culture as far as it is unreal. Time to win It’s also about fame and money and how it can make two people weird and unreal and then let them stay longer than good for them. On another level, the very existence of the show is an example of continuing that process.

Those who have won enough in our culture are accustomed to telling their own stories, as they wish; The right to tell your success story in your own way, and without any hindrance or conflict, is a kind of success. Of course they don’t like to see themselves portrayed as something more innocent and restless than the projection of their choice. Not seen by most people; A person who has seen it closely, for this long time, becomes irrational and becomes even more irrational for all those verifications; Which is valuable enough to be consolidated and packaged and sold, over time, will be consolidated and packaged and sold. It’s easy to see what offended legends are dissatisfied with, but it doesn’t change how it works and can’t. Win enough, in a memorable enough way, and this is what you lose, and how you are forgotten.

Tim Tszyu says he expects a quiet and collected performance from his younger brother Nikita, as Tszyu’s name will shine again in Newcastle.

“It’s interesting, you know? I can see the level up and the way he’s getting comfortable there, and the way he’s getting to the sport,” Tim told Wide World of Sports.

Nikita fought her professional debut against Aaron Stahl in March with a second-round TKO.

Paul Galen and Chris Terzewski will face unbeaten Mason Smith tonight in the co-head event before the Australian and Australian title fights.

“I hope he stays nice and comfortable, nice and calm, first boxing and then finding the shot and letting the guy cool down,” Tim said of his brother – who took a Jane-like approach to fight, but yesterday He promised to unleash ‘chaos’ when the time comes.

“He’s like that. He’s an extra thoughtful, but he’s learned to stop it and he has a ball there, he’s enjoying himself,” Tim said.

The team will be on the ringside in Newcastle before going to watch the title consolidation fight between Jermaine Charlo and Brian Castano, with the next name winner on the Australian radar for all titles.

But there will be no Cornerman job for the two brothers’ elders, as he has recovered from recent corrective surgery on his arm. Even fans on the street have to be steady for an elbow push instead of a handshake when saying hello.

“I can’t do too much, not even be a water boy,” he says with a laugh.