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Superstar Melbourne’s fifth-eighth Cameron made a terrific admission moment after a heavy loss to Munster Penrith, saying Storm “looks like an under-12 team”.

Storm megastar fullback Ryan Papenhuen and gun halfback Jahrom Hughes were without, but Munster did not make excuses after a 32-6 loss to the ruling premiers.

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“We were poor,” Cameron Smith, a former Munster Storm teammate, told Nine Coverage.

“Actually we didn’t think about who got out. There was still a good enough team to shake the Panthers.

“We can talk about the weather or the slippery ball, but tonight we were poor and it’s not us, especially against a good side of Penrith.

“We have to go back to the drawing board and play much better against the Cowboys, otherwise it will be the same result.

“Quite a disappointing result, and so was my performance.”

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Melbourne fans’ hopes were revived when the storm returned in the 18th minute through the efforts of Nick Menny.

But what followed was a relentless Penrith attack and a little Melbourne determination.

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“We were under a lot of pressure to play the kind of footy we wanted to play, but we gave them piggybacks and got them out on their own,” Munster said.

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“They will pay you when you do this against Penrith … they will give you a lot of points when Penrith gets 60 percent of the ball, and they did tonight.

“We were poor. We felt like an under-12 team.

“We have to go back to the drawing board.

“I can’t wait for next week. Far away.”

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