Patrick Dangerfield injured, Geelong coach Chris Scott willing to deal with ‘short term’

Gillong coach Chris Scott has spoken out about the club’s decision to sideline Patrick Dangerfield for a few weeks, saying the goal of the call was for the Brownloo medalist to reach his best in the final.

A calf problem was seen when Dangerfield was replaced by Geelong’s win over Port Adelaide in the second half, with the club deciding to sit him out of several matches for the mid-season training block.

Scott, 32, open-minded in the troubled season, revealing that he was unable to train for most of the year after an injury-ridden pre-season.

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The Cats coach acknowledged that the team could suffer some “short-term pain” by removing Dangerfield, but said the benefits would become clear later in the year.

“When I think about the last few years, we couldn’t shoot him towards the end of the season,” Scott said.

“And so … taking some short-term pain to get him in the best shape possible at the end of the year, which could be good for us.

“But I think it’s a good way for us to get on with it.

“With two games before the departure, we can use that extra (bye) week which is probably more than he really needs.

Dangerfield is ready for rehabilitation

“We think the last few months of the season are going to keep him in the best shape for a really good run.”

Dangerfield has become famous for its unique blend of ability and agility, and while Scott said he could be “the most explosive player of his generation”, he acknowledged that the eight-time All-Australians’ explosiveness was cut short this year.

“The lack of explosiveness we’re seeing is really down to a series of notable corks that probably should have kept him out for a few games where he convinced us he could get past,” he said.

“So now we’ve put a line in the sand and said ‘We’re not going to accept that you can just cross, we want you to play when you can get back to your best’.”

Geelong’s decision to sit at Dangerfield for the time being comes after the Great Kane Cornelius of Port Adelaide suggested that he gain some weight loss as he enters the post-prime portion of his career.

Cornelius’s theory of helping Dangerfield

It was a suggestion that both Dangerfield and his coach saw merit.

“It has some relevance, of course, but not the way you play and the price of its explosive material,” Dangerfield told Sen.

“It’s good for the team and how you play and fit into it. For me, it’s as explosive as possible humanely.”

Scott suggests NFL star Tom Brady is a good example of Cornes’ theory.

“There are some really smart people I know in the industry, especially in sports science and body conditioning who have a theory that it helps a bit to lighten up as you get older,” he said. “I suspect Tom Brady thought so.”

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