Paul Galen threatened an all-time fight before losing to Chris Terzivsky

By Simon Bransdon and Chris de Silva

Paul Galen may have lost his fight against Chris Terzewski, but he hasn’t lost a single fan after threatening to return to the all-time great boxing.

After being completely defeated in the first six rounds of the fight, Galen began a stunning comeback in the final four rounds, but it proved too short, too late as Terezivsky won by a unanimous decision.

However, the result did not come without omnipotent fears for the Victorian natives, especially during Galen’s great ninth-round performance.

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The NRL unloaded the shot after shooting at legend Terezivsky, who looked increasingly tired, as the crowd in Newcastle suddenly started begging for Victorian blood.

It was a performance that surprised even those who watched the 40-year-old Galen’s huge gut.

After his daring efforts, the former Cronula Sharks captain admits that he was approached by his father during his time.

“There’s an old saying, age is undefeated, and it’s probably caught up with me a bit. What can I do? Everyone gets old, isn’t it,” he said.

“Unfortunately it happens fast. I felt really heavy and slow … I tried to dig late, but he must be a good boxer.”

Despite pre-war rumors that his fight against Terezivsky would be over, Galen was unwilling to give up time in his boxing career.

“I don’t really know. I’m not going to make a decision right now,” he said.

“I just felt like, in those rounds, I couldn’t go the way I normally would. I can’t control it, that’s life. It happens to everyone. I’m here, I’m really well trained.”

It was a performance that surprised even Galen’s winning opponents.

“It was an amazing crowd fighting in front,” Terezivsky said.

“I said in the build-up that Gale was going to test me at my limits, and he did. What a fighter, man.”

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