Phyllis can’t lose again

About a week ago, Phyllis fired Joe Girardi. As Defactor’s Philadelphia correspondent, I blogged this. I don’t always write headlines in my posts, but I did this time: “Maybe firing Joe Girardi will finally kickstart Phyllis.” Several of my friends read the headline, took a screenshot, and said, “You know it won’t be!” It sent me with some variations of it.

It costs money to read this site, so it’s just that my friends definitely read the headline because I was pretty because I think I was pretty pessimistic about their prospects in the actual post; I originally wrote about how Phyllis said they were going to hit. In fact, it’s more than just right, because now I can brag to them that I was right and they were wrong: after an 8-3 win over Milwaukee yesterday, Phillies has been unbeaten since installing Rob Thomson as interim manager.

Thomson has spent 28 years in various coaching and front office roles with the Yankees, the last 10 as Girard’s bench coach. He played a similar role in Philadelphia. The last time Thomson managed, when Giardi fell ill at the start of the season in 2008, he lost both games. “The crime is going to hit at one point,” he said after the second of those losses. This could be Joe Girard’s interview in 2022! “Does shooting Joe Girardi make Phyllis better? No, ” Athletic Wrote in a title.

So far they are much better. The Yankees finally averaged 4.87 runs in a game in 2008, the 7th in the AL. Thomson has scored 46 runs in six games as manager (7.63 in one game). They swept the Angels and Brewers, winning each series 10-0. Thomson did not have to make any predictions about the team’s hits. In his six games, Bryce Harper has 1.451 OPS. After expanding to Kyle Schwartz’s average.209 where he is hitting 1.282.

“It’s just a different feeling now,” Harper told NBC Sports Philly’s Jim Salisbury. “We’re playing off our asses. What is it, you know? “Ah, Bryce, big fan, but… no, not really. I don’t know. What does” this is it “mean in this situation?” It’s just a different vibe. ” It rules that Harper’s explanation is that Joe Girardi was harsh on Phyllis’ buzz.

Perhaps there are more concrete explanations. In Investigator, Scott Lauber wrote before the Brewers series that maybe Thomson Phillies will play more young players, which could help. He even quoted Harper as saying: “We young people have to play.” And indeed. Nick Matton was called up and had two beautiful games before getting injured. Ninth-ranked Alec Bohm and Matt Weirling’s Homers won for the Phillies on Wednesday. Bryson Stott has a 1.173 OPS under Thomson and hit a walkoff homer on Sunday.

It could be even better: Phillies’ next 13 games against record-losing teams. While making very confident predictions, the title is the same: Phyllis can never lose again.

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