Point / Counterpoint: Landing a plane if you need to

Point: By Barry Pechesky, I can land a plane if I have to

Here is a video of the emergency landing of a Cessna Grand Caravan at a Florida airport by a passenger after a pilot had a medical emergency:

It’s a nice, smooth landing, especially with someone who has no flight experience in control. I take one thing from this video: landing an airplane has to be incredibly easy and thus I think I can do it.

Many people, mostly men and all gamers believe that they can land a plane if needed. This is probably the false optimism from them, the Dunning-Kruger effect ends in a wreck-wide runway. But I built differently. I could do it. I am 100-percent sure that I can do it, and nothing will believe me except a fiery death.

Who has not dreamed of taking steps to save the lives of many, including small innocent children and hot grateful children, when the pilot suffers a heart attack and no one on board deserves to land that bird safely? Not that I would do it for praise or wealth, remember; Some people are only built to take responsibility in a crisis. It never occurred to me before in my life, but I’m sure it would be different if I had to land the plane.

After all, how hard can it be? Push the joystick (?) Forward as you go down the plane. You do something to slow down a lever or a paddle or perhaps a dial plane. I’ll actually pick all this up in the air before the unmanned plane lands, mind you; I am not reckless. But the addition of the third axis makes landing an aircraft seem about 50 percent harder than parking a car, and it is not difficult at all. (I don’t drive either. But I’m sure I could if I could.)

Have you met a pilot? They are just ordinary people. When you come up with ideas, such as “flight school” and “simulator” and “training” and “certification” claiming that only they can land a plane you are involved in the classic appeal-to-authority fallacy so ridiculed by thinkers from Cicero to Thomas. Carl Sagan from Aquinas. Plus, you’re getting gatekeeping, and probably gaslighting.

In addition, my jet landing had no problems Top gun At NES.

If I can land a little Cessna, no problem. Now, an A380? That might give me some trouble. Only slightly, though.

Counterpoint: If the pilot passes out, we’re all going to die, by Albert Bernako

The plane could not land. I know it as I know I couldn’t dive into the regulation-height hoop, or play “La Campanella” on the piano, or, I don’t know, raise a second head.

Planes, even small ones, are big and fast and deafly loud and terrifying. They have many buttons, many knobs, many gauges and readouts I’m not too scared to fly like a pathological level, but still: I hate them and don’t vaguely panic when one of them gets on top. The video of the plane crashing into the strong winds and landing on the runway made me want to run away screaming. The moment the pilot leaves my plane is the moment my life enters its final phase.

I once read a story by aviation journalist Guy William Langeuwes about how modern fly-by-wire jets are so optimized for flight that in the event of failure of various and even catastrophic equipment, it can be difficult to land them কঠিন very difficult! Than to keep. It’s all well and good, and it’s nice to sit behind 20 rows and remind yourself when surrendering your life to a stranger behind a locked door. I assure you: if I was in that cockpit, and the pilot was disabled, and we turned off the autopilot, we would all die. That plane is going to hell first, rolling like a slag from the bore of a rifle, at a speed of thousands of miles per hour, and that’s where it is.

I know how to handle the situation. I will be on the headset with ground control, bargaining. How long do we have to fly in a straight line before we can make a giant airbag so we can gently enter? How long will it take you to send us another pilot, if I promise to let them get on the plane when they get here? What if I just woke up the unconscious pilot, throwing shit out of them while repeatedly screaming? Eventually the aircraft will run out of fuel. When it does, it will probably land on its own. I will not land the plane! Forget it. We are all dying.

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