Potential trade from Jason Horn-Francis North Melbourne Kangaroos to Adelaide

Port Adelaide’s Great Kane Cornes believes the decision to delay Jason Horn-Francis’ contract negotiations presents a unique opportunity for the AFL’s South Australia-based teams.

The comments come after North Melbourne warned of a No. 1 draft pick after an unintentional interstate trip before committing suicide with a soft tissue injury.

According to SEN, the answer was “unknown” and “unhappy” about Horn-Francis going home to Adelaide after the team lost in Round Eight to Fremantle in Perth.

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Due to the squad having a holiday next Monday, the 18-year-old did not miss any of the club’s activities but was forced to miss Round Nine with hamstring titans, following four flights in a short time.

The Russian GM of footballer Brady Rawlings has since said that the club has no problem with the short visit of Horn-Francis to visit his family, claiming the whole situation is a “non-story”.

The Round Seven Rising Star nominee is bound to Arden Street until 2023 under his standard two-year rookie contract, but is free to explore his options thereafter.

Talking about SEN SA Breakfast with Ken and HeisyCornes said the frustration of the club’s deep rebuilding and the significant problems with the league’s homecoming, all combined to create a unique opportunity for both Adelaide and Port Adelaide to play pushback.

“When you add all these (factors) and you keep the cam juror (holding the contract negotiations), when you leave the employers, when you lose by 50-plus points – Jason Horn-Francis, he is as competitive – when you answer There’s talk of going to Tassie and they’re playing Marvel in front of 13,000 people on Sunday, “said Cornes, making the case.

“There’s more to this than just a story. It’s an event you’d think was offered to him before the Adelaide draft. It’s a really good opportunity to explore getting a generation of players back to the South Australian club.

“It doesn’t happen often. Matthew Pavlich almost returned to the port, but not many guns returned.

“Gavin Wanganin is back in Port Adelaide from Ascendant. If that doesn’t happen then there is no premiere.

“If Adelaide drafted Pavlich instead of Ken McGregor (in 1998), they would have advanced through that preliminary final in that 2006 era under Neil Craig.

“That’s the difference we’re talking about. If Port Adelaide drafted Pavlich, you could probably get one or two more premierships away from your best home in the early 2000’s.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that you have and who knows what Horn-Francis was like in 10 years. Could he be the next Mark Riccito? I don’t know.

“It’s an opportunity to hunt down a club that has its lowest tide.”

However, does Adelaide or Port Adelaide have the funds to close a trade for someone who could potentially make the most money for third-year players in the history of the game?

“I think you’re worried about it later,” Cornes said.

“The first step is to keep in touch with his management, which is what Jason Cripps (port list manager) and Justin Reid (cruise list boss) are doing right now.

“Checking in, asking how he is doing, encouraging him to extend his contract in a subtle way in the North under any circumstances.

Cornelius’s theory of helping Dangerfield

“Whatever he does, let him check all the information next year and don’t sign a contract because if he signs a contract and then wants to come home, it becomes almost impossible.

“It’s not going to hurt him to be out of the contract, it’s just going to raise his price. That’s the first step ports and crows have to takeā€¦ and then you’ll think about it by the end of next year.”

“He could be the highest paid third-year player in the history of the AFL. It sounds like a big call, but think about what you claim for North Melbourne.

“Can you imagine their number one pick, even after they’ve gone through everything. Can you imagine if their biggest possibility goes away? They’ll have to give him almost whatever he wants.

“He has probably become the highest paid third year player in the history of the game. I don’t know what that number will be, but it will be much more than he deserves and much more than his performance. At that moment, I can guarantee you.”

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