Rally Bird failed by Phyllis Bullpen

The history of baseball is full of creatures who enjoyed a brief celebrity while their presence in a ballpark inspired a home team to win. Has been there An assembly rat, An assembly squirrel, an assembly cat, and an assembly goose, just to name a few. The pattern is clear: Rally animals have supernatural abilities. But an optimistic bird flew into a more powerful entity: the Philadelphia Philis bullpen.

The bird Defe which Defender’s fancy ornithologists believe is a gray catbird হয়েছিল emerged after a very bad start for Phils. In the first inning, the Marlins were outscored 4-0 after hitting a pair of homers to Jack Eflin, and when the home side loaded the base in the bottom half, Jetty Realmuto shook the tension by grounding in a double game. .

So in the second, it already seemed like it could be a somewhat dull loss for the Phillies. (Quick sidenote: It’s not as embarrassing to be ruined by the Marlins as it used to be. They’re slowly getting a kind of fun!) If you want to use a ticket already purchased, you can download Phyllis’s broadcasting director chose a shot of the diamond from the center field on a small camera stuck in the ivy as the background to this obstacle, and the timing could not have been better. A beautiful bird, which I chose to name “Robin” after the Phillies great Robin Roberts pitched, just flew near the lens and stayed there for a few seconds, delighting the audience.

Famous play-by-play man Tom McCarthy, mysteriously: “There’s a bird that attacked Larry the other day.” (Perhaps that means Phyllis Radio analyst Larry Andersen.)

This was neat! And with the Phillies 4-0, what else are fans going to do but admire the birds? With the exception of a few innings after its appearance, the Phillies have not lost. The choice of a Realmuto fielder drives Kyle Schwartz in the third. Rees Hoskins broke the three-run dinger in the fourth ball to level the game. And fifth, the hits got across four more runs in a parade. Suddenly, it’s 8-4. Rally Bird was the rider.

Then Phyllis Bullpen একটি a weak spot all year round ভাবে collectively slipped out of their hands, not once, but twice. In the seventh inning, Juris Familia let the two go and then saw Jacob Stallings go to the left field seat. Soon after his replacement, Serranthi Dominguez — usually the most reliable hand to them পাঠ sent Jazz Chisholm Jr. a fastball that flew to tie the game at eight.

Channeling Robin the Bird’s strength and courage, Hoskins used his lumber again in a single shot to make it 9-6 in the eighth floor. But the save flew far into the top of the ninth when Corey Campbell allowed the first three batsmen to reach the base and then Garrett Cooper allowed an RBI single that tied the game once again. Andrew Bellatti at least tried to save the tie but obscured Robin with this unfortunate sequence, where Realmuto dropped a pop-up into foul territory and Jesus Aguilera then capitalized on a double with two pitches.

Hard luck for our friend Robin. But perhaps this will not be the end of their careers as an immediate baseball mascot. They’re playing pretty well in Queens, I hear, and it’s a short flight away.

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