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Those who like rugby league and horse racing enjoy testing their luck.

Ray Warren, who spent time in his legendary sports commentary career on Wednesday, certainly falls into that category.

Among the many priceless stories told after Warren’s announcement was a longtime colleague and friend of Paul Watin.

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“The RABS was the ground announcer at the Hawksbury race that day. He chose a punt,” Vatin told 4BC’s Wide World of Sports Radio.

“Kenny Calendar tells a story.

“He saw her walking around in the ring, and the race was very close. He was watching the RABs and he was saying, ‘RABS, what are you doing?'” (Warren) says, , I can’t find it anywhere. It’s 9-4 and I’m trying to get 5-2.

“(Calendar) goes, ‘Well, I got some news for you, RABBS’, and (Warren) says, ‘What’s that, Kenny?’ … He says, ‘They’ve jumped.’

“Fortunately for him it was a 2000 meter race. So he was running towards the box, almost had a heart attack. The race was going on and no one could hear anything. ? ‘. Then RABBS, very smart – he starts tapping into the microphone. Tap, tap, tap, tap. (He says),’ Oh yes, we’re working again, we’re back ‘

“Comrade, he never hit straight down and nailed. People had no idea he was trying to back the favorites.

“Golden. Very good.”

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Vautin’s story encapsulates that Warren easily mastered his craft.

At the urging of Mark Quinn to try the “miracle” state of origin, Billy Slater immediately felt the urge to chase the famous chip and Queensland jumper, Benji Marshall’s grand final flick pass and Jonathan Thurston’s premiership-winning field goal, a call from Warren.

Call Ray Warren’s famous ‘miracle’ attempt

He provided the soundtrack to Gordon Talis’s “Lasso” tackle on Brett Hodgson, Greg Inglis ‘remarkable centenary Test bat-back, Glenn Stewart and Adam Blair’s’ Battle of Brookwell ‘beef and the blues’ Maroon dynasty breaking. .

In each of those moments and many more Warren’s brilliance became brighter.

“As an 80’s player … you wanted to see a replay back home – you had to keep VHS in those days – and you wanted to hear your name called by Ray Warren,” Vatin recalls.

“It was just great. History has shown how good a caller he was and was in the Nine for the last 30 years … To me, he’s the greatest sports broadcaster of all time in Australia, and probably the world has seen. He’s good at his craft.”

Phil Gold was by Warren’s side for hundreds of his calls.

“We all have great moments in rugby league and we remember them through Ray Warren’s voice: through his eyes, through his passion,” Gold told 4BC’s Wide World of Sports Radio.

“Some of the greatest moments in our sporting history and in our country’s sporting history are captured through his eyes and his passion in that iconic voice. It’s a real thriller. Calling moments a part of their lives is very special to many people. “

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Slater’s preparations for his first Origin match as Queensland coach are in overdrive, but he kept a moment at camp to pay tribute to Warren.

Slater told Nine News, “I consider myself very lucky to have all the great moments voiced by Ray Warren personally in my career.”

Blues coach Brad Fitler made a similar comment.

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“These memorable moments always have a specific voice in the background that makes it a little more special,” Fitler added.

Warren called not only rugby league and horse racing, but also swimming.

Warren traveled in 1966 alongside Ken Sutcliffe, another Australian sports broadcasting icon.

They were both young men fulfilling their dreams on Radio 2LF in New South Wales.

Peter Saltis said on 4BC’s Wide World of Sports Radio, “He’s the one who’s been in our living room for a long time for major sporting events.”

“I say sports events because RABS is not only the best rugby league commentator in the country, it is also the best swimming commentator.

“He’s part of the soundtrack to our lives – the voice of Ray Warren.”

The boy, who has been with the country NSW since June, has called for a record 99 Origin matches and 45 Grand Finals and has built a 55-year commentary career.

‘The Voice of Rugby League’ was inducted into the NRL Hall of Fame in 2019, becoming the first member to be recognized for contributions to the broadcast media.

As luck would have it, Warren watched him land on Channel Nine’s Wide World of Sports for fear of being blown away.

Warren, now 78, was fired by Channel 10 in the mid-40s.

Vautin tells the story.

“They wanted him to go to the ’88 Olympics,” Vatin recalls.

He said, ‘Look, you know I don’t like to fly, I don’t really want to go to the Seoul Olympics; it’s too far to fly, I hate to fly.’ And they said, ‘Well, mate, you have to fly; you can’t swim there,’ and he said, ‘Yeah, I know, I can see your point, but I don’t want to fly.’

“So because of his fear of flying, he had to get a job at Channel 10 and the Seoul Olympics.”

Many rugby league followers have fond memories of Warren and Gold in a tango in the commentary box.

Gold liked to stop him and Warren often took the bait.

But Gold remembers a time when his great companion gave the last smile.

“We didn’t have a bunker then. We had a video referee in the box next to us and we pressed the button: red or green,” Gold said.

“In those days … we could hear the video referee going through the process.

“The winger went into the corner and he threw half the ball and I went and said, ‘It’s not an attempt, he has no control, he has no control, he’s lost, I can’t give it up. Try, it’s not an attempt, It must be a red light, it should not be tried, rabbit, what do you think? Rabbit? Rabbit, what do you think? ‘

“Of course the rabbit won’t commit because he doesn’t want to be wrong. So he’s waiting for the video referee to hear what the video referee has to say before it happens.”

“I’m saying, ‘Rabbit, this is not an attempt. If they try, I’m going to jump out of the comment box.’

“Suddenly he hears the video referee say, ‘I think I can see the pressure coming down.’ It’s not a matter of control, but you don’t know it because you get half-baked all the time. So he’s in me now because he knows the video referee is going to rule ‘try’.

“I can’t give up … so I’m saying it’s not an attempt. He’s in me. Of course he’s confident because he’s got the referee’s decision. Of course the green light is on, they’ll try, they’ll kick, they’ll The ad goes on break and he comes and hugs me and he says, ‘That was great, boy. Just remember, I always want to be right.’

Many are heartbroken after Warren removes the microphone, but Gold wants to remember the good times.

“As they say, don’t be sad it’s over,” he said.

“Be glad it happened.”

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