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There is no shortage of heartwarming and humorous stories in the wake of legendary commentator Ray Warren announcing his last game.

But no one could beat his infamous 2008 run-in with American rapper Snoop Dogg.

Warren – who is notoriously bad at flying and avoiding it at any cost – had to fly to Brisbane in 2008 for work.

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“He went ahead and they knew they had to bring him to Chardonnay (to help him fly), he was sitting right in front,” Andrew Johns explained to Wide World of Sports. Immortal behavior.

“He wasn’t in 1A, he’s in 2A. So he gets his chardy and puts the person in front – even before they get off – his seat in the back and the chardy spreads all over the rabs.”

“Listening to the RABS oath is one of the most important things in my life.

“(A security guard goes) ‘Hey, man, don’t talk to Snoop like that’, and like RABs, ‘Snoop? Who’s ifing hell Snoop?’

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“The next thing Snoop Dogg stands up to. The RABs are going, ‘Snoop? I don’t know any Snoop’.”

“So the RABs almost got into a fight with Snoop Dogg.”

Warren himself recalled the same story when commenting on an NRL game in 2020.

A flood of respect for the legendary Ray Warren

“He left his seat behind and threw a glass of chardonna in my lap,” Warren laughed.

“I protested vehemently and then about three large, distressed fellows with him stood over me like the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

“Oh dear, it was funny. I got off the plane and said to someone, ‘Who does he think is bloody hell?'”

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