Ray Warren stopped commenting The Moles Daily M Voting Story, Peter Frillingos

For 364 days of the year, you won’t find a calmer, more gentle person than the great Ray Warren.

But one day every year in the 1980s, ‘Rabs’ lost it completely, screaming and screaming so loud that its voice echoed in the halls of the TV station.

What is the reason for going to the legendary caller Troppo?

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The day of the Daly M vote, when the old Daily Mirror team, which made the award almost 40 years ago, sat down with Roy to determine the winners of the award-winning gang.

Mirror’s Head League writer, the late, the great, Peter Firlingos, loved the day.

Call Ray Warren’s famous ‘miracle’ attempt

He was a close associate of the RABs, but Chippy was an Olympic class enthusiast – a man who enjoyed pushing human buttons.

And he knew exactly which button to press would turn Ray’s face red with rage.

It was all chatter and good fun, but the screams and shouts sounded completely different to those passing by the courtroom.

The Freelancing will make a comment to slam the verdict – and the ‘Rabs’ will not often take the bait.

Pieces of paper – and weird sandwiches – would fly around the house before things settled down, and everyone would laugh at the verbal jerk.

As a young Jarno, it was an honor to work with Roy on that one day of the year, when we chose the positional award, the best coach of the year, the best rookie of the year and others.

He spoke kindly, politely, wisely, and calmly – except for the priceless hours we spent arguing about footy, fashion, and friendship.

I’ve rarely met a real person in the media – and here’s a great life after Footy, ‘Rabs’.

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