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Betting on online video games is becoming increasingly popular and, we dare say, traditional games will soon be introduced. In this regard, bookmakers who bet on e-games or eSports need to know better, the most popular of which are Dota, StarCraft, League of Legends, World of Tanks, CS: GO and others. The rating presents the best services with details and features. All bookmakers’ reviews and their evaluations are based on the independent opinions of the site’s editors, considering the experience of other players.

Choosing the right bookmaker

If you want to make a living by betting on sports, you need to find a reliable and trustworthy partner in the form of a bookmaker. We recommend giving preference to companies that are licensed for betting activities

Today betting site lets you bet on the classic game. But the lion’s share of resources are devoted to matches of sports discipline. Moreover, there are some that cannot be found in the line of big bookmakers.

The benefits of the site include:

  • A rich line of various tournaments and matches;
  • Beautiful design and user-friendly interface;
  • Round the Clockwork Technology Support Team;
  • Different ways of raising and withdrawing funds.

The platform is mainly focused on eSports fans. Therefore, you should not be negative about the short lines between soccer, tennis and hockey. To bet on these games, choose other sites. Players and experts who have used this resource have praised its benefits. Registered users can watch high quality streaming matches.

eSports uses predictions for betting


Another way to benefit from sports betting is to use predictions. You can find many communities and captors online who offer betting tips on cyber sports. Some do it for free, others ask you to pay for their predictions. The source of your prophecy should be chosen wisely so as not to get lost.

You don’t want to jump out of CS: go to Dota 2 every day, then go to LoL and go back to CS: GO. It is best to focus your attention on one side and gradually improve your skills in pre-match analysis.

You should always be aware of what is happening in the pro scene. Follow the matches, as well as the status of the teams (not that the niche leader will win if the team changes), evaluate previous meetings. Also, consider your bet in advance so as not to come to a conclusion. All this will help to earn! You can bet on eSports during the match. This type of bet is called live. Their main feature is that the bettor is given the opportunity to bet at any time during the game. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not.

The most popular video game for online betting

Team of legends


The purpose of this role-playing game is to destroy the main object of the enemy base – Nexus. The number of team members depends on the mode of competition. During the process, you must destroy opponents, neutral monsters and zombie characters (minions), as well as enemy defenses and towers. Before betting on the League of Legends, this game is worth some time to play on your own, as there is a lot of subtlety here.

However, for those familiar with the mechanics of Dota 2, this game will seem familiar. Because they belong to the same MOBA genre. However, the types of bets are sometimes very similar to these disciplines.

Dota 2


Betting on Dota 2 is very popular for making money. It is a multiplayer game between two teams – “Dark” and “Light”. Each side has 5 participants, the task is to destroy the enemy’s fortress. The following stacks are available in Dota 2:

  • Total results;
  • Total murder;
  • Results with a disability;
  • Match duration, etc.

Each fight consists of one or more battles, depending on the format of the tournament. It is possible to bet on Dota 2 online by watching the game live on Dota.

CS: Go


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another undisputed leader in viewer popularity. Those who want to bet CS: Go get a huge selection of betting options The game is usually played in a competitive mode. One side fights the terrorists, the other is engaged in their destruction.

  • Available CS: GO bets:
  • On the winner or draw;
  • Disabled (minus – for loved ones, plus – for the underprivileged);
  • Individual total;
  • Predictions on statistics.

Betting on CS: GO requires a good understanding of gameplay. However, this applies to any eSports discipline.

World of Tanks


This multiplayer tank simulator is considered a classic of the genre. Each participant gets an armored vehicle and its attachment in the form of a crew. Equipment and team strength parameters can be increased by performing various combat tasks. The goal is to destroy all enemy tanks. Betting in the World of Tanks is varied. In addition to the classic results, Total and Forward, lots are placed on the statistical indicators.



Valorant is a new stage in the development of online shooter! The developer is Riot Games, a well-known company that publishes only successful projects. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that this game has found its place in professional sports. And the discipline is significant because it contains cartoonish elements that have made the game popular in Asian countries.

After all, it is a classic tactical first-person shooter where matches are played between two teams of 5 players. As heroes, players are presented with different characters with unique abilities. They are called agents. Their correct choice is very important, because the overall strategy of the team will depend on it.

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