Richmond Tigers defeated Hawthorn Hawks, Dustin Martin goal video

During the Tigers’ 23-point win over Dustin Martin Hawks, the contestant of the year scored a goal by holding Sherin by the stick from the sharpest angle.

In his second match since returning from personal leave, Martin played with three goals from 20 disposals, while MCG stunned the crowd with some exceptional scoring opportunities.

In the third period, the Brownlow medalist put his foot down while scoring from an unimaginable angle as he emerged from a pack, giving his side a three-goal lead back.

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“Dustin Martin from somewhere. One of the goals of the year,” said Mark Howard in a commentary on Fox Footy.

Earlier in the quarter, Martin also tried an unpleasant collar after knitting through the traffic, which, if successful, was the only thing that could rival the pack goal.

Richmond held the fast-paced Hawthorne team to record their third consecutive win, while the Hawks lost their fourth.

After the main break, the Tigers wrestled both sides for control in the first half before taking charge, converting four goals from a forward half intercept.

Reaching a 35-point lead in the middle of the final quarter, the Hawks combined to create a remarkable sequence, reducing the gap to two straight kicks with four goals in 10 minutes with just three minutes left on the clock.

But that was not enough as the Tigers soon hit back.

Adding to the Hawks’ pain, star forward Jack Gunston had to be ruled out due to an ankle injury after landing awkwardly in a quarter-time stroke.

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