Richmond v. Ascendon, Dreamtime A’G, Crowd Behavior

Dozens of spectators were ejected during Richmond’s win over Ascendon, saying violent and haphazard behavior at the ‘G’ celebration on Saturday night harmed Dreamtime.

More than 50 drunken, insulting and aggressive fans had to be forcibly removed as Richmond beat Ascendon by 32 points. Some pundits are turning out on the police while being escorted out.

Attending the match with an 11-year-old child, eyewitness Jason Feldman described the environment as “scary”.

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Feldman told 9News, “It was a violent environment, with multiple evictions, fights, people swearing.

Among the worst offenders, a 21-year-old drug addict bit an officer while being taken out of the MCG.

He is expected to be charged with assaulting police and alcohol-related offenses.

A 36-year-old man was pepper-sprayed and arrested after punching an officer who saw him urinate outside the MCG.

Two 31-year-old men were fined $ 361 for running on the field during a match.

According to the police, the misbehavior continued after the game as the brawl started. Three people were injured in the incident and one was admitted to the hospital.

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