Ron Rivera only likes First Amendment as a football coach

During a news conference Tuesday morning, Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera explained how he went to deal with an uncomfortable situation with his defense coordinator, Jack Del Rio, who was fined $ 100,000 last week for calling the Capitol Uprising “dust-up” and Compare this to the 2020 George Floyd protests. How did Rivera come to the conclusion that Del Rio needed to be fined? By eating up the first amendment like it’s game tape.

The First Amendment is just one sentence to consider, and the first five words are “Congress will not make any law.” Slides so that he can cycle through them on a projector screen If you don’t have a coach in the morning to conduct a film study of every single word of the First Amendment, do you have an instructor?

Clearly, this is not the first time he has mentioned his affection for the First Amendment.

If anyone thinks critically about freedom of speech, of course it’s great, but I have some questions. Does he have a piece of printed paper with a sentence on his desk? A life-like replica of the Bill of Rights? A framed quote? And given that the amendment itself is not relevant, with questions about how private companies should approach employee discourse, and how it discourse works and interacts with other fundamental rights, just how helpful it is. Him?

At the press conference, Rivera stressed that Del Rio was not punished for sharing his views, but for committing the “grave sin” that anyone associated with professional football could commit: he was “disrupted” for the team. He added that he “believes very strongly in the First Amendment.”

If we go the way of Del Rio Sage Steel, maybe we will get some more answers.

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