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Jared Weiria-Hargreaves’ great but event-filled NRL career took another controversial turn on Saturday night, when an experienced player on the roster turned into a sin-format for releasing a fall-mouth spray to the referee.

Towards the end of the Panthers’ 32-12 win over the Roosters in the SCG, Penrith crossed the line for a prop attempt and Warrea-Hargreaves collected James Fisher-Harris high.

It was originally seen that what Gerard Sutton would do was report to Wayrea-Hargreaves and give the Panthers a shot in an eight-point penalty attempt, but the official did not hesitate to go one step further when the Roosters dropped an explosive on the front-row.

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“You take every opportunity to report to me, don’t you think?” Warea-Hargreaves was furious when Sutton reported him.

“I’m just saying. Every time, brother. Every time. That’s not right, man.”

At that point, Sutton dropped out, raising his hand and telling the New Zealand Test representative to go.

Waerea-Hargeaves continued the argument.

“No, no, no,” he said.

“Every time, brother. Every time.”

“I can’t stand it,” Sutton told Roosters captain James Tedesco as he walked off the Weria-Hargreaves field.

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Trent Robinson admits he shouldn’t have spoken like Warea-Hargreaves when asked about the situation at his press conference, but the Roosters coach also defended Workhorse.

“I heard what he said. I think there are a few things out there,” Robinson said.

“You can’t talk like that. It wasn’t bad, but he swore. He didn’t swear to her, he didn’t swear at her; he obviously swore at that bit there … and if that’s unacceptable, I’m not sure. I haven’t seen much in between. If an oath is used there if they’re leaving, fine.

“And Jared is right. Guys hit boys around chops like that all the time. How many eight-point attempts have we seen guys diving into corners and hitting heads on the head and all that? It doesn’t happen if James Tedesco did that tackle, he’s not in the report. It’s.” Not a reportable tackle.

“Then you can’t talk like that.

“If Jared does something like that, it shakes everyone’s ears. We missed a guy this week and haven’t really talked about it. If Jared does that, it’s a different story. I guess that’s what he felt and I think he did.” Explicitly and incorrectly, which got him 10 bins. “

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