Shawn Maloney Between Two Post Columns

And then there were four.

For the first time, Super Rugby Pacific quarter-finals have been played and the Aussie team has won with the only surviving Brumbis.

This week’s column came to you from among the push-up sets because I want to do 3139 in June.

More on this later …

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SIO is very good

Meherts and I contacted Brumbies legend Scott Seo for this week’s episode. Between the two posts And funny people don’t despair.

Among other things, the CO mentioned his real concern for his teammates Alan Alalatoa and Folau Fainga when he left the club at the end of the season.

“Sometimes it’s hard for parents to tell their kids: ‘Look, you have to go out on your own now, I can’t take care of you.’

“I’ve been their father for so long – now is the time.”

Shawn Maloney and Andrew Mehertens look back at the Super Rugby Pacific Quarter Finals and talk to departed Brumbis legend Scott Seo.

The Sio’s off-bench work on Saturday night was crucial as the Brumbies overcame a dangerous Hurricane 20-3 in the second half.

The match was played with incredible intensity with incredible handling on both sides.

We didn’t get our first scrum until the 36th minute – hang wet.

Canberra’s win set us up nicely for a rematch against the Blues who won a few weeks ago in an emotionally-charged battle for a little while.

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Maloney is checking in with the world champions of the Sevens

Seven re-emerged

I was fortunate to meet the recently crowned Aussie Women’s Sevens World Champions in the gym last week and I have to say they are awesome Nick.

Inadvertently in this process my body will mix some huge weights with the small, sharp sprint work at their base in Champa Rugby Australia, embarrassing.

Sharney Williams was an experienced if not faster than I saw him.

Rainbow Headgear, a two-time Olympian, credits strength and conditioning coach Tom Carter with his sharp time.

Also popping up for the first day of training was another Sevens Hall of Famer, Alicia Lucas (Ni Quirk), who is heading to the Commonwealth Games and Sevens World Cup later this year.

The playmaker was away for a few years after the arrival of his infant daughter Matilda, whose father was former Varatah and Brumby Matt Lucas.

The big man stole the flick pass show

The Wilson-Ils Cup was born

Andrew Swain, a commentator on Stan Sport and host of the popular Clubland show, had a rare Saturday afternoon vacation and returned straight to Brisbane’s Crosby Park, the home of his gruesome endeavor with the Brothers many years ago.

Swainy said it was a star-studded afternoon where for the first time there was a Yells-Wilson Shield competition, named after World Cup winners Wallabis John Ellis (Brothers) and David Wilson (East).

Also watching was Samu Kerevi who, Swaini reported, is showing a rock-hard fit after the end of the Japanese club season.

The audience shielded with Elsie claiming that the famous Hobbit’s Bar does some of her best work.

Wing or wide receiver?

LA Giltinis was one of the biggest names in the NFL, closely watching the Seattle Seahawks and All-Pro star DK Metcalfe last week.

His squad is too nervous to approach the 193cm, 107kg wide receiver, Aussie coach Stephen Wales turns around and chats.

Turns out DK was doing weights at the LA Lakers gym adjacent to the Giltinis track, then ended up with a route around the Giltinis field.

Hoilesy thinks he was there for 90 minutes watching the rugby crew watch their work.

Metcalfe could have been Seattle’s lucky charm by defeating Wheels’ side in the final game of the Seals.

Push it until June

As mentioned above, I’m trying to do 3139 push-ups throughout the month of June.

It’s all part of the ‘Push Up Challenge’ which raises money for various charities.

My grants are going to Lifeline, who, you know, does some great work in this crazy time.

If you support me to finish a lot of work, you can donate via this link:

Unpacking the Rebel-Force Debate Pack

Who gives?

Which of Sydney’s most beloved first-class coaches at the Shoot Shield won a raffle at a school luncheon last week that demanded a $ 10,000 gift voucher for the school for the next few years of her child?

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