Shayna Jack has completed a comeback from a doping ban, qualifying for the world

Shayna Jack has shed tears after securing her place in Australia’s World Championship team with a personal-best swim in the 100m freestyle final.

Jack, who was banned from the sport for two years, swam a great time at 52.60 before being overtaken by Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Molly O’Callaghan (52.49) at the time of his death, leading most of the race.

The 23-year-old was overwhelmed by the qualification, admitting that his personal goal was to secure a place on the Australian team in a private event, not just as part of a relay quartet.

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“You’re going to make me cry again. It’s one of those moments I really, really, really wanted,” he told Amazon Prime Video after the race.

“To be able to do this with Molly (O’Callaghan), she had an amazing time swimming, to bring a PB like this, I’m very proud of myself and thank everyone who supported me back here.

“To be perfectly honest, (his coach) Dean (Boxal) and I talked about it and I just wanted to be here and be able to stand on top of that block and be able to swim in that run.”

“There was a lot of emotion going on in my body and I was happy to be able to touch that moment and get myself back on the team.

“Staying here is an amazing experience. I swam it, I did it and I’m back. I was definitely shooting for that person (spot)), I never talked too much about it.

“I always wanted to come back, make a mark and show everyone what I made. It’s just the beginning and I’m really looking forward to the next few years.”

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