Sometimes reporting is too gossiping

Reporters are intolerant gossip by trade. To survive in an industry built on scoops and sources you need to be a gossip and call people on their cell phones with a little caution to ask them a question. To be a good reporter, you need to be able to ask a follow-up question, be curious. But to be a great reporter you have to be relentless. You have to listen to gossip and be a gossip-hound. You need to follow the lead that ends every single time. Because sometimes, it will be worth it.

In this week’s episode General gossipDefector’s own Kalyn Kahler joins me to explain exactly how a gossip turns into a reported piece, why he’s so dirty, and what exactly happens in NFL combinations.

What you don’t know about Kalin is that he is incredibly popular. He once went to a sports event and told staff he was going with “some friends”. We later learned that Kalin had bought 19 game tickets for her and her 18 friends! Porn !!

While recording this week’s episode, I learned something even more incredible about Kalin, which is that he added about 154 people to his circle of close friends on Instagram! I asked him how and why and in what universe? I asked him what is the secret? Fortunately for all of us, Cullen is an open book. She tells us all about why her 154 friends have joined her close friends on Instagram. I told you, but it would ruin the episode!

Oh and of course we read in a gossip story for ages. Something is going on with a team of magicians, and we’re going to find out!

Also! The first live show of general gossip has sold out in Cavite, New York on June 1! If anyone leaves their ticket, it will be shown for sale here.

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(A copy of this week’s episode can be found here)

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