Sonny Bill Williams sledged by Morgan Turinui at Rugby Heaven

After ridiculing a superstar athlete at Stan Sports, a brilliant Sony Bill Williams might consider filing a harassment complaint at work. Rugby heaven.

During his ‘Big Hit Leaderboard’ segment, former Wallaby Morgan Turinui dug a 2011 Williams tackle to consider from Twickenham’s historic Crusaders vs. Sharks Super Rugby game.

But it was certainly a powerful shot, not able to crack the top 10 of Turinuiā€™s competitive list.

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“It was a trash,” Williams said.

“Come on guys, you could have made a better choice.”

Turinui then lit the fuse.

“I’ve been watching for a week and he hasn’t really hit so big.”

Williams: “Did you write ‘SBW Shoulder Charge’? Not that I do.”

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Turinui: “It should have been legal. So Sony you have some homework, you can go and find a good hit”.

Williams agreed to that before host Rose Kelly injured the heavyweight boxer again.

“I think my injury in Baguette was better than that. No offense,” Kelly said, referring to the infamous prop of last year’s tour of France.

“Sony Bill Williams is not good enough to make a big hit leaderboard,” Turinui confirmed.

Williams then looked back at the promotional shot Rugby heaven Couch, where he is featured.

“Can we get a shot from behind here? I want to see if Morgos is there. No. Sorry.”

Turinui: “It’s nice to be on this show.”

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