Speed ​​zone porposing with Luis Payez-Pumar

Undoubtedly the relationship between the world’s most authoritarian and most probably the highest sport of anything can be hidden from a person, the evolution of my colleagues in Formula 1 perverts strikes me. It’s not my business or my desire to know from afar what the people I work with are doing in their spare time আমি I can only see the tip of the extended iceberg in their TV watching habits; I heard Dan McCuad say “Knight Rider Check back out loud, and it was really enough. If they want to talk about falling for the semi-documentary reality series Drive to survive Slack themselves, or our workplace slacks, or smash their F1 suites and enemies on this website, that’s fine. But I’m happy to let it be their business.

Eventually, though, an abominable Russian like the roar of an engine pushes Felson into an accident at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, making it impossible to ignore. Last weekend’s Miami Grand Prix was ridiculously Floridian but purposefully a big deal for people I have never seen give any indication of caring about this kind of thing before. Even Drew is showing signs. And so it was both in the spirit of scientific inquiry and in the inevitability that we joined Lewis this week to address cars, including cars.

As much as I was interested in Formula 1, it was because of his bravery. Cars and racing are impressive enough, I guess, but I was in the race for the Plummy-Scoozy Europepudding money boys, for the sport’s outstanding divorce-collecting billionaire lords; It’s nice, or funny though, to be reminded that every country has a palm beach. But Drive to survive It got hooked on people getting close to drivers and supporting players who do really amazing and tough things, and so when we were talking about racing it was mostly about those amazing and tough things. In this part of the podcast, a verb form of the word “porpois” is used, apparently in a technical way; I think the audience should be warned about this. I made sure we didn’t talk about it too long or too closely — I had some stories of running a load-down Ford escort across the country screaming to tell — but I enjoyed the conversation more than I did during my life, I a I have become a mass transit person, and for the most part I find cars awful to talk about. But these are cooler cars than usual, and I’ve been able to tell the story of my Ford Escort And My Ford Festiva story.

And that was before we got back to the sport that I actually follow and enjoy. We’ve addressed Lewis’s weird and weirdly lustful Miami hits, and the good and bad (or worse and less-bad) reasons for caring about the NBA’s MVP voting, and the irresistible tinkering problems of Major League Baseball and the mostly tragic deaths of full-game rates. . The legacy of Karim Abdul-Jabbar of the NFL was considered, and Scott Mitchell was treated with due respect. A sincere question from the reader about how many energy drinks are too much energy drink was met with very bad advice from the three of us. If I hadn’t been a promising speed trader and Formula 1 sweetie-haver by the end of the episode, I’d at least say that 48 minutes is fast gone.

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