State of Origin 2022: Anthony Albanese, Andrew Johns, Immortal Behavior

Anthony Albanese one, Andrew Johns zero.

Shortly before losing to Queensland in his favorite New South Wales State of Origin opener, the rugby league immortality was already shattered.

“I had to do pre-game (coverage), and I ran to the elevator box (so) to the elevator, and there was safety, ‘the prime minister is there,'” Johns said at Wide World. Immortal behavior.

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“(I thought), ‘I don’t curse rats. That’s the real thing.’ (Security says), ‘It’s Albanian.’

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“I had to go up the stairs, and then in this flu which I can’t kick, I climbed three levels,” Johns added, pretending to breathe for the wind.

Immortal Behavior presenter Danica Mason was shocked.

“So Anthony Albanese got a lift to the eighth immortality,” Mason said with a smile.

“I think we need to talk to the security team.”

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Johns joked that Albanese had a goal on him.

“I’m coming for you, Albo,” he said.

“Comrades, if you want support from the working class, below this level, (from) rugby league guys.”

Johns also provided an insight into the tough commentator-supporting Balancing Act.

“It’s difficult,” he said.

“You love your state, you love your team. It can be pretty tough. In the last five minutes my stomach was just soaking.”

Johns certainly hopes the Blues will square the series in Perth – and he’s not a brush for the PM.

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