State of Origin 2022 Game 1 NSW Blues vs. QLD Maroons Brad Fittler Chief Released

New South Wales coach Brad Fitler says his brand new center combination could get the job done in Wednesday’s opening State of Origin match.

Injuries to the current pairing of Lateral Mitchell and Tom Trobozevich forced Fitler to look elsewhere this year, with Cotoni Stags and Jack Whitton named to start the match.

With a late reshuffle suggested, Stephen Cricton is likely to start the match and return to the Whitton bench.

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As if to dispel these rumors, or perhaps to dilute the water, Fitler spoke during a chat with Witton. Today Display

“We’ve actually lost two of our centers (Mitchell and Trobozevic), so they’re going to be a new combination,” he said.

“It’s easy. The boys are really well trained. Jack Whitton has actually played five games for us in the left center, so he’s in that position and accustomed to the way we play.

“It’s not that bad.”

The coach of The Blues said that despite the recent flu outbreak, everyone is fit and well for tonight’s match.

“All is well. I’m a little worried, all the clubs have a lot of flu, some COVID-19, the flu is knocking around them,” he said.

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“There are no injuries and everyone is fine. It’s always a good thing to be a coach and know that.”

He said the opportunity to see the parents of his players earlier this week underscored how much money the state has spent.

“The other day we had a few parents, sometimes getting parental perspectives to see their kids and get to that level, it’s the best way to see the core of the state through other people’s eyes,” he explained.

“It means a lot to a lot of people.

“At this time of year, there is nothing better.”

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