State of Origin 2022: NSW Blues, Josh Addo-Carr, Daniel Tupou, Brad Fittler,

Queensland selector Darren Lockyer has taken his eyes off the New South Wales squad list and Josh has joined the chorus of pundits protesting the dumping of ado-cars.

Blues coach Brad Fitler dropped the relentless forwards Jack Trobozevic and Angus Crichton for next Wednesday night’s State of the Origin opener, but his withdrawal from Daniel Tupau at the expense of the addo-car was the biggest push.

Rooster winger Tupu will match the Broncos whiz-kid Selwyn Cobo, who is in line for his original debut, as Panthers pocket rocket Brian Too looks down at Stormflyer Xavier Coates.

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Lockyer fought to understand Fitler’s ado-car cutting when the election scandal erupted at the Wide World of Sports QLDERThat NSW consultant must have seen “a risk” before commenting.

“It surprised me. Freddie wanted to be loyal. The teams that are in form – that means the people on that team have some good habits to go to the game. Looking for that, ”said Lockyer.

“They talk about the difference in height, but what about the toe on coats? So I don’t think there’s that much about it.”

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Lockyer thinks Ado-Car’s work without the ball could be the reason for his omission.

“Perhaps Tupu has more confidence with some of the things around the defense,” Lockyer said.

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Just hours before the Blues ’22-man squad was announced, Ado-Car made two weak defensive lessons in the Bulldogs’ defeat to the Dragons in Belmore on Sunday afternoon.

But Ado-Car rarely makes defensive errors, and there is no doubt about the offensive skill of the 26-year-old, who has tried six of 11 games for a side struggling to score in the Bulldogs in 2022.

Edo-Car had many more opportunities to try in his five years with Melbourne, for which he won 23 four-pointers in 2021.

“Go-forward is a big part of any team’s game plan that comes out of the back end, but Josh Ado-Car got a good hit up in it,” Lockyer said.

“However, we are not NSW, we are not Brad Fitler.

“He clearly saw something that was a bit risky for him.”

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