State of Origin 2022 | NSW Blues selection for the first game, Andrew Johns made his pick

NSW legend Andrew Johns has locked in 17 of his favorites for the first State of the Origin game of 2022, leaving no room for Manly veteran Jake Trobozevic.

On his interchange bench, Johns promoted loyalty to a couple of last year’s heroes, choosing to include knights prop Daniel Saifiti and Dragons backer Tariq Sims, despite the club’s complex form.

But there was no place for Manly Lock.

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“Daniel is out of form, he’s even admitted – but I think some players have to show loyalty,” Johns told Wide World of Sports. Freddie and VIII.

“She’s been working for the last two, three years and I think getting into Origin can be a really good encouragement for her, just like Tariq.

“I think Tariq has never disappointed the state, never disappointed Freddie, never disappointed his teammates and he is a big match player.”

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The likes of Cotoni Stags and Stephen Crichton were chosen at Johns Centers before the likes of Ciocepha Talakai, Matt Burton, Campbell Graham and Dragon star Jack Lomax.

Paul Galen chose the same center pair as Johns on his NSW 17, selected for the Wide World of Sports, when Phil Gold asked the Blues selectors to go to Burton.

“Right in the center, I think he chose himself – Kotoni,” Johns said.

“And then in the left center, even though he plays on the right, I think he can play anywhere, Stephen Crichton.”

Both the responsible center, Tom Trobozevic and Lateral Mitchell, will miss the game due to injuries – much of the rest of the team is more or less what you expect.

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Coach Brad Fitler has said that if South captain Cameron Murray does not play for the Rabitos this weekend as he continues to work on his way back from a shoulder injury, he will still be in the selection frame if he is ready after Wednesday.

“We are following the advice of Travis, who is theirs [Souths’] Trainers and us [NSW] The coach is part of our plan, he’s a really good player, “said Fitler.

“We have a squad of 22 people so there is a big chance that he can be a part of our 22 people.”

The full NSW team of Andrew Johns:

1. James Tedesco 2. Brian To’o 3. Cotoni Stags 4. Stephen Crichton 5. Josh Ado-Car 6. Jerome Louie 7. Nathan Cleary 8. Jr. Paolo 9. Damien Cook 10. Payne Has 11. Liam Martin 12. Cameron Murray 13. Isaah Yeo Sessions: 14. Jack Whitton 15. Daniel Saifiti 16. Tariq Sims 17. Angus Crichton.

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